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Joe Biden kicks off Iowa ‘No Malarkey’ bus tour by biting his wife’s finger

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Having sunk like a rock in most polling, former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off his “No Malarkey” bus tour on Saturday in Iowa to re-launch his presidential bid, though someone forgot to tell the candidate to cut the malarkey.

Looking to regain momentum in the state that will hold the nation’s first presidential caucus, an 18 county barnstorm began with a rally outside a Council Bluffs campaign office, which featured Biden’s wife, Jill Biden.

On a cramped stage, Mrs. Biden was doing her best to drum up enthusiasm for her husband with a small crowd of about 175 people, as he stood behind her to the right.

As she waved her arm about, Mrs. Biden came perilously close to smacking Biden in the face. She was oblivious to the pending disaster and after several near misses, with Biden leaning back to avoid her hand, he finally leaned in and playfully bit her finger.

Not exactly the desired optics, given the candidate’s history of creepy behavior with women and children — Jill Biden didn’t help matters, as she let out a creepy laugh in response to his antics.

While the stunt drew awkward laughter from the crowd, it undermined any idea of a no-nonsense barnstorming tour.

“The reason we named it ‘No Malarkey’ is the other guy is all lies, so we just want to make sure there’s a contrast,” Biden reportedly told the crowd.

This being a reference to President Donald Trump, of course.

But given Biden’s standing in the polls, he may never see a stage where he goes head to head with the president.

Biden once had a commanding lead in the polls over all candidates, but a Real Clear Politics rolling average of Iowa now has him in fourth place.

That’s quite a drop, coming after a series of gaffes and miscues on the stump that has prompted some to question whether Biden, at the age of 77, has the mental capacity to take on Trump.

In a sign of how dismal the Democratic field is, Pete Buttigieg is out in front in Iowa with 24.0 percent, giving the mayor of South Bend, Ind., a city with just over 100,000 people, a 5.7 point lead over second place candidate, self-avowed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has 18.3 percent.

Buttigieg is the first openly gay Democratic presidential candidate.

The other candidate ahead of Biden is Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who is in third place with 17.7 percent.

The crowd dwindled substantially at Biden’s second stop of the day, suggesting that he is no longer exciting voters — if he ever did, as his early success may have had more to do with name recognition.

The “creepy” aspect of the former vice president biting his wife’s finger at a public event resonated online.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Interestingly, there was plenty of opinion that it was all harmless fun between a husband and a wife — let Donald Trump try this and see how the media reacts.

Here’s a quick sampling of those who did not take issue with the love bite:

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