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Mick Mulvaney’s patriotic shirt exposes left’s contempt for American pride


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Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney single-handedly exposed the left’s contempt for American patriotism and pride.

And he accomplished it without saying a word.

Mulvaney triggered the left with his fashion choice as he was spotted on an airport tarmac in Florida on Friday sporting a bold American flag shirt and Space Force cap.

A photo of Mulvaney, snapped by Reuters photographer Tom Brenner at Palm Beach International Airport following his return with President Donald Trump and others from a surprise Thanksgiving trip to Afghanistan, quickly went viral.

But in today’s America, the acting chief of staff did not get praise for his patriotic spirit after an inspiring visit with the nation’s troops stationed in Afghanistan over the holiday. Instead, Mulvaney was quickly targeted with memes, insults and degrading captions to the photo.

Many seemed especially bothered by Mulvaney’s cap.

His flag-themed shirt sparked heated debate on Twitter over patriotism versus protocol.

Mulvaney’s photo sparked a trove of responses captioning the image and guessing what he looked like, including Trump’s caddy, an “8th grader on his first trip” to Washington, D.C., a gymnastic coach, and more.

Despite the smug back pats and chortling by the liberals enjoying a shot at being clever, many Twitter users slammed the attacks on Mulvaney and his patriotism — especially in light of recent expressions by Democrats.

Frieda Powers


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