Climate extremists create nuisance to block Black Friday shopping

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With Madrid set to host the 25th United Nations Climate Change summit next week, protesters set the stage by disrupting Black Friday shopping to draw attention to the climate emergency they foresee — a familiar tactic from the left, first declare a crisis and then provide the alleged solution.

Civil disobedience is the leading card climate extremists play and it’s quickly becoming tattered as activists make a nuisance of themselves and inconvenience others. This was seen recently in the U.S. when “climate-justice” activists stormed the field at a Yale and Harvard football game, delaying the second half of the game for an hour.

Black Friday protests were seen in France, Germany and the United States, among other countries, according to Fox News. Mock funerals were held and some protesters entered stores to disrupt the busiest shopping day of the year. A shopping mall near Paris was blocked by protesters and Amazon’s headquarters was targeted to protest the overproduction that is allegedly killing the planet.

A tweet from the group Extinction Rebellion NYC pushed a now-familiar theme of a pending ecological catastrophe, tying it to endless consumerism.

“We are living in a system of endless consumerism,” the group tweeted. “Earth cannot sustain that, especially as we accelerate towards climate and ecological catastrophe.”

In another tweet, liberals in New York City are seen in a video forming a long line of shopping carts inside a store to protest the excessive use of the planet’s “biocapacity.”

“Remember the game Snake? Watch as empty shopping carts lines grow this #BlackFriday. What once was a childhood game is now an active meditation on the ravages over-consumption,” the tweet read.

Youth is a common element at play in the protests, as “terrified” teenagers are being pushed to the fore by those behind the movement who realize that fear-mongering is the best motivator.

“We are striking because our leaders haven’t been listening to us. They think our voices are ones they can ignore and not take seriously,” 16-year-old American climate activist Maya Arengo said in a statement, according to Time. “They don’t understand that we, the youth, are terrified for our futures and we won’t stop fighting until our futures are secure.”

And, yes, the left’s teen heroine Greta Thunberg got in on the act.

The liberals at Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream joined in to call for a Black Friday strike and to advertise a planned action next Friday as the company declared that climate change “is the biggest threat to our future.”

Below are a few other protests seen on Friday:

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