Lt. Col. Vindman takes selfie in front of West Wing, before returning to job at White House

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman returned to work at the White House on Wednesday following his testimony in the impeachment inquiry, but not before he snapped off a selfie.

Video of Vindman taking a selfie was posted by CBS News and has been earning the government official some backlash on social media.

“Our sharp @CBSNews photographer captured a good-spirited Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman returning to work after testifying in #ImpeachmentHearings. Here, Vindman is with his twin brother clearly wanting to be seen as they take a selfie in front of the West Wing,” CBS White House correspondent Weija Jang posted on Twitter.

What’s especially odd about the selfie is that Vindman took it in front of the West Wing and in full view of cameras, something that was noted by reporters.

“Lt. Col. Vindman goes back to work – and takes a selfie in a spot where everyone in the complex knows they will be immediately visible to TV cameras,” tweeted CNBC Washington correspondent Eamon James.

Check out some reactions to the newly-minted celebrity’s teenage antics below:

Vindman was caught during Tuesday’s questioning from Devin Nunes contradicting himself over whether he knew the identity of the whistleblower. At one point, he said he had spoken to two people about President Trump’s phone call with the Ukraine president, but he refused to name one. Adam Schiff jumped in and seemed to indicate that the identity of the person in question was somehow connected to the whistleblower. This would mean Vindman previously lied when he said he did not know the identity of the whistleblower.

Vindman also had a viral moment when he demanded to be referred to by his military rank. He wore his uniform to the hearing, but it was nowhere in sight on Wednesday when he returned to work.


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