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Schiff’s ‘Stalinesque’ hearings give accused serial murderers, rapists more rights than president, says Rep

bret baier Jim Sensenbrenner
Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner told Fox News host Bret Baier that Democrat Adam Schiff is conducting a Stalinesque impeachment coup against President Trump. (screenshot)

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Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner told Fox News host Bret Baier that Democrat Adam Schiff — the chair of the House Intelligence Committee — is conducting a bogus, Stalinesque impeachment against President Trump that gives Trump fewer rights than accused serial killers and rapists.

“Adam Schiff has completely ignored any sense of fair play,” Sensenbrenner said. “He’s managing [media] leaks out of his bunker where all of these previous depositions have taken place. He has not allowed the President to defend himself or even call witnesses. People who are accused of serial murder or serial rape [have] more rights than the president of the United States does. Shame on Adam Schiff!”

Sensenbrenner added: “This is kind of the way Stalin ran his courts. And it’s not something that Americans ought to be proud of.”

(Source: Special Report with Bret Baier)

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner has experience with how presidential impeachment hearings should run. In 1999, Sensenbrenner gave the opening statement in the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton.

Sensenbrenner pointed out that unlike today’s impeachment hearings against President Trump, both Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon had due process rights and were able to defend themselves.

This is not the case with today’s hearing against Trump. Why? Because the impeachment inquiry is not even a legitimate process at the moment because the House of Representatives has not passed articles of impeachment.

New York Post impeachment cover
Today’s New York Post mocked the Democrats’ impeachment hearing as a clown show.

Moreover, Schiff unilaterally rejected Republican requests to call Hunter Biden and the Democratic “whistleblower” as witnesses.

Sensenbrenner explained: “It was different with both Clinton and Nixon. There, the president was able to bring witnesses, was able to have his lawyer cross-examine his accusers, and give any evidence they wanted to members of the Judiciary Committee before they voted. This is not the case with Adam Schiff.”

He continued: “The Republicans asked for a bunch of witnesses and Adam Schiff turned them all down. The Republicans asked for the participation of the president’s lawyer. Adam Schiff said no. This is the way Stalin ran his courts and it’s not something that Americans ought to be proud of.”

When Bret Baier pushed back by saying, “It’s a little aggressive to call it Stalin-esque, isn’t it?”

Sensenbrenner replied: “No. It’s a Star-Chamber proceeding. One side ends up presenting all of the information and people who were in the room can’t ethically talk about it because it was a closed-door deposition. And then what Schiff does is he leaks out the information that he wants to have leak out.”

He added:  “That’s not the type of transparency that the Democrats promised when they took over the House of Representatives. And it’s not the type of transparency that the American people deserve when you have a group of Democrats trying to overturn the election of the President of the United States.”

Then, there’s this: the left-wing “whistleblower” who was fired from the Trump National Security Council in 2017 apparently committed a felony by not disclosing that he had contacted Schiff before filing his complaint against the president.

The Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act requires whistleblowers to contact the Intelligence Committee Inspector General BEFORE talking to Congressional staffers.

Schiff also lied when he said he had no prior contact with the faux whistleblower.

Let this sink in: An anonymous, hearsay-based complaint — filed by a left-wing “whistleblower” who worked with Joe Biden — triggered the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

And Adam Schiff won’t allow Republicans to call this “whistleblower” to testify so the American people can judge for themselves whether his claims are legitimate enough to undo the results of a national election.

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