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Lou Dobbs’ warning: Republicans need to defend Trump with more ‘roar’ less ‘whine and whimper’

(Image: Fox Business)

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Fox Business host Lou Dobbs voiced his frustration to RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel about Republicans and their lackluster defense of President Trump.

Dobbs blasted GOP members of Congress who will “annoyingly not step up” for Trump, calling for more of a “roar” and less of a “whine and whimper” from the Republican Party during “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Tuesday.

(Video: Fox Business)

Dobbs touted the president’s historic economic success, reacting to his remarks Tuesday at the Economic Club of New York where he proudly recapped the wage growth, low unemployment rate and high consumer confidence under his administration, as well as the creation of nearly 7 million new jobs.

“It is astounding to hear those numbers that he just put forward,” McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee, told Dobbs.

“You know what’s also astounding?” the Fox Business host responded.”With everything that he has done…is to still hear RINOs in the Republican Party whine and wring their hands, and knowingly not step up and say they are behind this president, his successful policies. Yes, he is the disrupter, but he has also set a foundation for the country to achieve its destiny.”

“It is exasperating to many Republicans to see the party not loudly, passionately, and fully standing up for this president as the damn fools in Washington try to overthrow him,” Dobbs added.

“Well, the base is behind the president,” McDaniel began to reply before Dobbs interjected.

“The base? Why the base? Why not the entire party?” he demanded.

“The whole country should be,” the RNC chair agreed, pointing to how no Republicans voted in favor of the House vote on the impeachment inquiry but “stood in lockstep” with the president.

Dobbs applauded their efforts but said there is still the Senate to consider.

“There should be the same level of energy, the same level of passion and commitment from every member of this party, in support of this president, who has done so much for this country and the American people,” he contended.

“I mean, I don’t understand the little tea drinkers on the fringe who simply can’t bring themselves to absolutely acknowledge the reality that has been altered by this president, and the direction in which he is moving this country – which scares the hell out of the radical Dems,” he added.

McDaniel agreed, saying Trump is “the right man for the right time in our country,” and as a “fighter” leading the nation into prosperity, he “deserves the support of our party.”

Dobbs slammed the Democrats and their “secretive, Soviet-style” impeachment process which he condemned as an “American travesty” and said it would remain to be seen on Wednesday how Republicans respond after the first day of impeachment hearings.

“Are we going to hear a roar or are we going to hear another whine and whimper from the party broadly?”

“We’re going to hear a roar. We need to hear a roar,” McDaniel said.

“We need to defend this president. He has gone out and fought for the American people. He has galvanized our party in a way no other Republican president has,” she added, saying it is time “to push back on this kangaroo court that is put forward by the Democrats, the sham of the impeachment inquiry.”

The American people will finally be able to judge for themselves as the first public presidential impeachment hearing in over two decades will be held Wednesday before the House Intelligence Committee. Top Ukraine diplomat Bill Taylor and George Kent, deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, are expected to testify after opening statements from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and the committee’s ranking Republican, Rep. Devin Nunes of California.

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