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Soccer player penalized for reacting to racial abuse, fmr player makes suggestion involving big boy pants

(Screengrab — Former England International player Paul Parker)

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Taison, a midfielder for the Ukrainian professional soccer team Shakhtar Donetsk, was shown a red card for his reaction to racial abuse during a game, resulting in the player’s dismissal from the field of play.

Responding to reported racist abuse from traveling Dynamo Kyiv fans during a game on Sunday, the Brazilian put his middle finger up at the section of visiting Dynamo fans and kicked a ball in their direction, according to CNN.

Taison’s teammate Dentinho reported the abuse to the match referee, who activated the first two steps of protocol set by the Union of European Football Associations — the first being a stadium announcement and the second being sending the players into their locker rooms.

Taison and Dentinho both left the field in tears, CNN reported.

“I love my race, I fight for color, whatever I do is for us, for love,” Taison wrote in an Instagram post after the match. “I will never shut up in the face of such an inhuman and despicable act. My tears were of indignation, repudiation and helplessness, helplessness that I could do nothing at that moment!”


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“ Amo minha raça, luto pela cor, o que quer que eu faça é por nós, por amor… “ Jamais irei me calar diante de um ato tão desumano e desprezível ! Minhas lágrimas foram de indignação, de repúdio e de impotência, impotência por não poder fazer nada naquele momento ! Mas somos ensinados desde muito cedo a sermos fortes e a lutar ! Lutar pelos nossos direitos e por igualdade ! O meu papel é lutar , bater no peito , erguer a cabeça e seguir lutando sempre ! ✊? Em uma sociedade racista, não basta não ser racista, precisamos ser antirracista ! O futebol precisa de mais respeito, o mundo precisa de mais respeito ! Obrigada a todos pelas mensagens de apoio ! Seguimos a luta …✊? Net rasizmu

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“But we are taught early on to be strong and to fight! Fight for our rights and for equality!” he continued. “My role is to fight, to beat my chest, to lift my head and keep fighting always! In a racist society, it is not enough not to be racist, we must be anti-racist! Football needs more respect, the world needs more respect!”

“Thank you all for the support messages! We follow the fight … no to racism,’ he added.

With some suggested that players should walk off the field when faced with racial abuse, former England International player Paul Parker had a different take.

In effect, he called for putting on your big boy pants and rising above the abuse — in effect, prove that you are the better person.

“No one was ever going to stop my doing what, as far as I was concerned, born to do,” Parker explained. “I wanted to play in every single game. I wanted to play every single minute. The people coming to abuse me, as they did in the early ’80s, I would laugh at them because, in my mind you spent money to abuse me.”

“If I walk outside and I see you, you won’t say a word to me,” he continued. “It’s sheer ignorance. Naivety. Are they really racist, or in a way are they just following people, because it’s very, very difficult to gauge exactly how you deem somebody racist.”

Parker called on players to stay on the field, getting back at racists by winning the game.

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