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Over-the-target or conspiracy? Sharyl Attkisson’s questions on whistleblower sparks HOT debate

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Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson schooled a Twitter user accusing her of pushing conspiracy theories about the whistleblower who filed a complaint against President Trump.

The Emmy-award winning writer and host of “Full Measure” locked horns with a verified Twitter user who made the mistake of taking her on in a debate over the different takes on the whistleblower whose complaint about Trump’s July phone conversation with the president of Ukraine sparked House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

“If the reporting is correct, it implies the ‘whistleblower’ could have been worried Trump was getting close to uncovering Democrat links to Ukraine’s interference in US elections in 2016,” Attkisson wrote in a piece titled “Who is the ‘Whistleblower’ that’s trying to take down Trump?”

She tweeted the reference on Thursday with a link to the article.

Attkisson elaborated on the idea in a follow-up tweet.

This triggered someone named Charles Cooper, with the Twitter handle @coopeydoop, who countered Attkisson by claiming there was not “a whit of evidence” for the theory.

Attkisson fired back, reminding Cooper that “not every conspiracy is false.”

She continued to spar with him as he called out her “awfully weak defense.”

Cooper defended himself, saying he “suggested we try and stick to facts, not unproven conspiracy theories.”

He continued the debate with the journalist who has had three decades of experience as a correspondent and anchor at CBS News, PBS and CNN. Attkisson fired back again.

She also threw his remarks about a “weak” defense back at him before wondering if the two were just “talking apples and oranges.”

Cooper finally relented, agreeing that perhaps they actually were debating “apples and oranges.”

“I’ll leave it there,” he said, as Attkisson responded with a simple, “thanks.”

As one Twitter user commenting on the tweet said, “That’s what a hasty retreat looks like.”

Frieda Powers


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