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Brazile and Faulkner spar over Dem’s impeachment obsession: ‘Give me just a little respect?’

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Donna Brazile, the former interim DNC chairwoman and now Fox News contributor, got into a spirited exchange with network host Harris Faulkner over the Democratic Party’s obsession with impeaching President Donald Trump.

Pointing to remarks from Republican lawmakers, Faulkner asked if Democrats can get anything else done in Washington. She went on to note that impeachment will take the efforts of up to six Democrat-controlled House committees.

Brazile insisted that Washington is functioning just fine, pointing to “more than 200 bills” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has rammed through the lower chamber with her majority that now sit on Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell’s desk.

With less than three weeks remaining before the U.S. government runs out of money, Faulkner questioned if Pelosi can keep it all together.

Brazile pointed to foreign governments meddling in our elections to say Democrats understand what’s at stake, that being “protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States.”

With a partisan campaign to unseat a duly-elected president?


And while Brazile continued to insist that Washington is functioning fine amid this pursuit, Faulkner pointed to the words of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

“I believe, left to our own devices, Congress could work out an agreement to quickly fund the government,” Schumer told reporters on Capitol Hill. “But I’m increasingly worried that President Trump may want to shut down the government again because of impeachment, an impeachment inquiry. He always wants to create diversions. I hope and pray he won’t want to cause another government shutdown because it might be a diversion away from impeachment.”

“How irresponsible would that be,” Brazile chimed in.

“Oh, you don’t have any proof that would even happen!” Faulkner shot back. “And Schumer’s throwing gasoline out there.”

“Harris, can you give me just a little bit of respect?” Brazile then asked.

“Go ahead, I respect you,” the Fox News host countered. “You know I do.”

Assuring Faulkner she “extremely” respected her, Brazile noted that she changed her flight to do the interview before citing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi trying to sell the Democrats’ partisan impeachment scam as “a solemn moment.”

No one is taking any joy in this,” Brazile said. “It is raining today in D.C., there’s an overcast. And an overcast is not just the weather, it is what D.C. feels like when this is happening.”

“So let us make sure that process is fair,” she continued. “I’m one of those Democrats, as you know, because you’ve heard from me — I wasn’t out there as a cheerleader for impeachment. I’m not a cheerleader for removal of office. I’m a cheerleader for the Constitution and making sure there’s no foreign meddling in our elections. That’s what I’m a cheerleader for.”

Democrats don’t appear to grasp that Americans are seeing through their efforts to hold up the U.S. Constitution to justify their attempt to undo the 2016 election — an attempt that makes a mockery of that very document.

At least, a recent poll suggests as much, despite the media being consumed with the topic of impeachment.

Tom Tillison


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