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NYT’s deep-dive into Trump’s hilarious ‘hero dog’ meme fails spectacularly

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The New York Times was blasted after launching a dud attack on President Trump over an altered photo showing him with the hero dog who helped take down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Times lashed out at the president after he tweeted out a Daily Wire Photoshop of him awarding the military K-9 with a medal of honor.

Some ridiculous investigating on the photo then ensued.

Turns out, retired Army medic James C. McCloughan was the original Medal of Honor recipient in the photo from 2017.

But The New York Times thought it was a story worthy of its journalistic manpower, and assigned two reporters to the task of tracking down the cropped out Medal of Honor recipient who was surely incensed by the offense.

According to the Times:

Mr. McCloughan was awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest honor for valor in combat, in July 2017. He is credited with saving the lives of company members during a battle on Nui Yon Hill in 1969 near the city of Tam Kỳ, Vietnam. He was struck by shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade and small-arms fire, but repeatedly ran onto the battlefield to rescue his comrades.

But if the publication saw this as an opportunity to torch the president, disappointment soon followed as it was revealed that McCloughan “certainly was not offended and laughed when he compared the two images.”

“After all, he said, Medal of Honor recipients accept on behalf of their entire teams, especially those that did not return from battle. And canines have long been part of war efforts,” the Times added about the 73-year-old veteran’s reaction.

Earlier this week, Trump had declassified the photo of the dog, hailing the “wonderful” canine for his assistance in chasing Baghdadi through the tunnel in his Syrian compound where he was eventually cut off in a dead-end and died when he detonated a suicide vest.

The dog, whose name was later revealed to be Conan, was slightly injured in the mission, yet is reportedly making a full recovery. Trump acknowledged the altered photo in a shout out to Daily Wire, hinting that Conan would probably be making a visit to the White House soon.

The Times reporters tried to save the hit piece on the president, concluding that the Trump White House “is fluent in and speaks often in the language of internet memes.”

But the failed “gotcha” attempt with McCloughan earned the newspaper plenty of social media mockery — again.

Frieda Powers


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