Gutfeld battles Williams over Pelosi walkout: ‘Why would you leave a meeting if you really cared?’

Fox News co-hosts Juan Williams and Greg Gutfeld debated who really had the “meltdown” this week after President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi traded insults.

The co-hosts of “The Five” sparred over what really happened Wednesday when Pelosi along with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md. stormed out of a meeting with the president.

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“So, you say you care about the Kurds. You don’t want the Kurds to die. But you walk out of a meeting because Donald Trump was rude to you,” Gutfeld said of Pelosi, who told reporters at a Capitol press conference Thursday that she had confronted the president about his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria when the exchange became heated.

The California Democrat claimed that when the discussion turned to troops being brought home from Syria, it caused Trump to have a “meltdown.”

“It just didn’t add up, but what it did do was cause a meltdown on the part of the president because he was unhappy with those questions,” she said.

But Trump tweeted out a photo later accusing the speaker of being the one having the meltdown.

Radio host Mark Levin noted that since not all Democrats stormed out of the meeting, it was further proof that the moment of drama was purely “staged.”

Gutfeld appeared to agree.

“It was basically just another strategically political attempt to mess with Trump because why would you leave a meeting if you really cared?” he asked after expressing his exasperation with the term “meltdown.”

His co-host pushed back, calling Pelosi a “historic figure” and offering Trump some “advice.”

“I think it’s a mistake and it’s a proven mistake to think that Nancy Pelosi is any third-rate politician,” Williams said, referring to Schumer’s comment that Trump referred to the speaker as a “third-rate politician.”

Gutfeld pressed the point again that if she actually cared about the Kurds as she purports, she shouldn’t have walked out of the meeting “over name-calling.”

“She’s trying to get something done,” Williams responded. “Who is erratic here? Greg, who’s melting down?”

The two then locked horns when Gutfeld presented his view that there is a “disconnect between the old guard and the old warriors and new thinking” in Washington.

“The problem with winning a war is that you gotta stay there. The great thing about economic warfare, you could do it from home,” he said.

“And I think that’s the way Trump sees it. He sees economic warfare…as a way to pull the levers of globalism,” he said, noting that the “old guard” is not ready for that kind of “new thinking.”

“So you think Republicans are the old guard?” Williams asked. “Republicans who voted against Trump?”

“Yes,” Gutfeld replied, pointing out Sen. Lindsey Graham as an example.

Williams pushed back, claiming that the current situation is the result of the president “doing something on an erratic basis,” as the Fox News panel erupted into crossover talk.

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