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Twitter dings conservative comedian for ‘hateful content’ after WH visit

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Conservative activist and comedian Terrence K. Williams has blasted Twitter after the social media company sent him a “hateful conduct warning.”

It was strange timing since the “warning” dropped on the day Williams was visiting the White House for the Young Black Leadership Summit.

“TWITTERS LEGAL TEAM CONTACTED ME ON THE DAY I GO TO THE WHITE HOUSE! People want to take my account down because I said Schiff Should Resign, called out AOC & I support Pres @realDonaldTrump,” Williams tweeted.

In another tweet, Williams said his account is being “investigated” by Twitter.

“HOW IS THIS HATEFUL CONDUCT? Twitter Legal is investigating my account for hateful conduct. Here is one of the videos they are looking at. Should my account be banned for calling out Schiff & supporting President Trump?” he tweeted.

If you watch the videos in the tweets above, it should be immediately clear that saying Williams pushes “hateful conduct” is beyond a stretch. He often posts humorous videos calling out liberal hypocrisy.

Some of the videos reportedly flagged are one where Williams says Adam Schiff should resign from office, something President Donald Trump has also suggested, and another where he called out New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for not pushing back against a protester talking about eating babies to solve global warming.

Williams has taken to sharing the actual videos Twitter has flagged, and the hashtag “#IStandwithTerrenceKWilliams” has been trending all of Monday with fans lashing out at Twitter and showing support for Williams.

Williams did end up visiting the White House — the summit turned out to be quite emotional — where he praised the president and made a call to action for 2020.

“A while back, President Trump said, when he was talking to the black community, ‘If you vote for me, what do you have to lose?’ Because do-nothing Democrats have done nothing for the black community,” Williams said at the summit. “2020 is around the corner and we have a lot to lose now because President Donald J. Trump has done so much for the black community.  Thank you, President Trump.”


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