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Ethiopian immigrant leads prayer at WH — to protect Trump from left’s ‘warfare’

Screen capture … Mahalet, a young Ethiopian immigrant, prayed for President Trump and the nation at the White House … Credit: TPUSA

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A powerful, heartfelt prayer for President Trump by an excited young lady visiting the White House on Friday is going viral.

Mahalet, who was once an impoverished Ethiopian orphan, came to the White House as part of a Young Black Leadership Summit event organized by Turning Point USA (TPUSA) — which was also attended by outspoken conservatives like comedian Terrence K. Williams and actor Isaiah Washington. She was adopted at the age of 11, brought to America and raised in Indiana by a loving family who obviously did a wonderful job.

Following the president’s address to the room Mahalet, from within the crowd, asked for a moment to pray for the president, and Trump graciously invited her to the podium.

Working through her nervousness, she boldly acknowledged that not only are we in the midst of “political warfare right now, but I strongly believe that it is a spiritual one as well.”

She gave thanks for “a great leader,” President Trump, and prayed for protection as “the enemy tries to attack us every single day.”

Watch here:

Video by TPUSA’s Benny Johnson

“I’m not really good with prayers or anything like that but I just want to say thank you, Mr. President,” she began, “and I know we have a political warfare right now, but I strongly believe that it is a spiritual one as well.” Attendees cheered in agreement with Mahalet.

Truth and courage spilled forth as she spoke from her heart.

“And I want to make sure that, I mean, I know that Americans are gonna wake up and we’re gonna get back to looking to God instead of social media and we’re gonna look back to Jesus because Jesus saves and this country was founded upon the Constitution, was built on Godly principles, and we’re going to fight for that,” she said. “And I just want to encourage you guys to pray every single day for this nation. I want you to pray and pray and pray.”

Mahalet mentioned her Ethiopian childhood and subsequent upbringing by a strong family in Valparaiso, Indiana, before proclaiming that, “I love God and I want to pray with you.”

“Dear God, I’m not really good at this,” she nervously said after asking folks to bow their heads. “But I just want to say thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to be in the White House. Thank you for giving us a great leader like Trump, Mr. Donald Trump, and I would like to thank you for waking up our nation.”

She continued by asking God for protection both for the nation and for the president, adding, “God, I believe that you gave him to us and I believe that he’s gonna accomplish so much more. I know you have more for us.”

“Jesus, I ask you to protect us and walk with us and in Jesus’ name the enemy tries to attack us every single day,” Mahalet concluded. “He tries to discourage us but he has no room. He has no room, no more, and that’s all I have to say.”

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence joined in the resulting enthusiastic applause and cheers.

Victor Rantala


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