Echoes of Beto: Biden plans on coming for your guns: Register them or sell them to feds

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden is setting his sights on your guns.

In a newly announced plan, Biden is calling for the ban of assault-style weapons. He says those who don’t sell such weapons to the government in a “buyback” program — which is also supported by Democrats like Beto O’Rourke — should have to adhere to the National Firearms Act, a piece of ’30s legislation created to combat gang violence during the Prohibition era.

(Screenshot from CSPAN)

Biden’s campaign said “the National Firearms Act requires individuals possessing machine-guns, silencers and short-barreled rifles to undergo a background check and register those weapons with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Due to these requirements, such weapons are rarely used in crimes.”

In other words, owning a weapon Biden doesn’t like basically makes you a criminal. In his brain, you’re a gangster and should be registered as such.

Biden’s plan also calls for a ban on high capacity magazines and online gun sales. Other more generic parts of the plan also call for closing loopholes in background checks and making it easier to hold gun manufacturers responsible in some way when their weapons are used in mass shootings.

As for combating murder rates in the United States’ most dangerous cities, Biden puts forth an eight-year, $900 billion program specifically aimed at curbing violence in those areas.

“Biden has unmatched substantive expertise on addressing gun violence. He has been pushing the conversation on ending gun violence for at least 25 years. And he has taken on the NRA twice and won,” Biden’s campaign said when announcing the new plan.

“While Democratic leaders and the American public have reached an undeniable and broad consensus about what needs to be done to address the gun violence epidemic that has engulfed communities across America, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Congressional Republicans, and the NRA refuse to take any sensible action,” the announcement added.

So if there was any question about whether Biden is as far-left as the Democrats he’s running against, this new plan should give a solid answer about where he stands and who he’s playing to with his policies.

Biden playing to the anti-gun crowd comes at a curious time. As President Donald Trump is dealing with an impeachment inquiry over a phone call with the Ukrainian president, past allegations of corruption against Biden have come back into national discussions.

Democrats claim Trump tried to force the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden during their phone call, but the transcript says otherwise.

The claim though has brought forth allegations once again that Biden used his influence as vice president to help his son Hunter with his business dealings in places like Ukraine and China. He’s already been caught contradicting his son over whether they have discussed those business dealings, and a video released by the GOP appears to show Biden admitting to threatening to withhold promised funds to Ukraine if a prosecutor investigating the company his son worked for at the time was not fired.


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