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Disgraceful — Antifa bullies elderly couple, yelling, ‘Nazi scum!’

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Anti-fascist activists can now add the cowardly bullying of the elderly to their shameful list of harassment accomplishments.

The left-wing protesters were captured in a video assailing an elderly couple in Canada who were trying to cross the street.

(Video: Twitter)

“Nazi scum, off our street!” one protester shrieked repeatedly as the man accompanying an elderly woman with a walker were confronted in the middle of the road during a protest at Mohawk College in Ontario. The couple was physically blocked from moving forward by the activists shouting their slogans.

The protest was reportedly over an event being held by YouTube personality Dave Rubin and Canadian politician Maxime Bernier at the college, according to the CBC. Supporters of the People’s Party of Canada clashed with opposing groups who advocated for immigrant rights while comparing attendees to Nazis and neo-Nazis.

According to CBC, the elderly woman was a ticket holder to the event and was trying to get to the entrance when the activists blocked her and the man with her while shouting in their faces.

“The elements that are with Maxime Bernier today are … all about violence and not being inclusive,” protester Sean Dowling said, apparently missing the obvious hypocrisy.

CBC reported that a “large crowd of about 100 protesters” were on hand shouting their slogans and a “scuffle” ended with two men being arrested.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who was brutally attacked by Antifa while covering a rally in Portland in June and said he sustained a brain injury during the assault, shared videos and images of the protesters outside the Canadian event.

Hamilton police reported four arrests for “breach of the peace,” according to CBC, but all were released later without charges.

Ngo’s video noted the “masked” Antifa protesters who interfered with police as they attempted to shut down the event.

Despite repeated acts of violence by Antifa members, Democrats have avoided outright condemnation of their behavior and have, at times, praised their “courageous” stands while equally condemning white nationalists. Former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off his 2020 presidential bid with a campaign video that claimed President Trump called the white supremacists marching in 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia “very fine people.”

The Democrats’ hypocrisy was glaring several weeks ago as freshman New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced a fundraiser intended to raise bail money for a group of protesters that included Antifa members.

Twitter users slammed Sunday’s protests in Canada as well as the shameful harassment of the elderly and the lack of action by bystanders.


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