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Ed. Sec. DeVos visited a Catholic school… media declared it a scandal

(File photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos attended a round table last week at Harrisburg Catholic Elementary School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

And in post-Obama America, that’s more than enough to declare a scandal.

The problem is because the Catholic school “subscribes to an anti-trans student policy,” as CNN opted to characterize the school’s position on gender.

Not that the anti-Trump network was the only media outlet to cry foul.

NBC News’ headline blared, “Betsy DeVos visits school with explicit anti-transgender policy,” while CBS News declared, “Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos visits school with anti-transgender policy.”

The point of contention is that by accepting God’s determination of sex, the school runs afoul of the liberal LGBTQ community — a community that has already deemed religious beliefs that run counter to their choices as “bigotry.”

Harrisburg Catholic Elementary School is subject to the Diocese of Harrisburg’s student policy on Gender Identity Questions, which likens efforts to surgically alter one’s assigned gender — see sex change procedure — to self-mutilation.

Self-mutilation is considered an immoral act.

That such a policy exists speaks volumes in and of itself… the policy states:

This policy addresses the circumstances where there is a clear biological determination of a person’s sex and subsequent efforts to chemically and/or surgically alter the given biology. This is understood in Catholic moral terms as self-mutilation and therefore immoral. To attempt to make accommodations for such persons would be to cooperate in the immoral action and impose an unacceptable burden on others in the school community.


For one to deem that they are trapped in the body of the wrong sex is to declare that God made a mistake. Or that He plays no role in determining who you are at birth.

The idea that gender is interchangeable runs counter to the very concept of religion.

As the National Review’s John Hirshaue pointed out, “the roundtable DeVos attended had nothing to do with ‘gender.’ It covered issues such as tuition assistance for low-income students, a recently vetoed attempt to double the state’s education tax credit, and a proposed federal scholarship program.”

Aside from noting the obvious anti-Trump angle in explaining the media’s actions, Hirshaue posed an “uncomfortable question” about what kind of world the liberals envision.

More from the National Review:

Which raises the question of why CNN et al. brought this up in the first place. Certainly, it’s an opportunity to disparage Catholic sexual ethics as “anti-trans,” which is always good fun for a certain type of disillusioned journalist and a way to propagate the canard that the administration is “anti-LGBT.” But even that discussion would not be complete without an acknowledgment that we are speaking here of elementary-school students: small, prepubescent children who are not — heaven forbid — sexual beings, who have nothing approaching a mature sexual consciousness, or indeed, any sexual consciousness at all — because they’re in elementary school.

Which then raises this uncomfortable question: If a Catholic school’s disapproval of sex-change surgeries for elementary-school students is “anti-trans,” what is the alternative that CNN, CBS News, and NBC News have in mind?

Tom Tillison


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