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Nike takes Twitter by storm with Raptors hijab

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In their liberal quest to be seen as “inclusive,” Nike has partnered with the NBA’s Toronto Raptors to offer a hijab with the iconic Nike swoosh.

Never mind that for millions, the hijab is seen as a tool of oppression from men who expect women to hide their sexuality when out in public.

In touting the new head wear that is required in many Muslim countries online, the Raptors included the improbable caption: “Inspired by those brave enough to change the game. The Toronto Raptors Nike Pro Hijab is available now.”

The tweet included the hashtag #WeTheNorth, to prove that proper grammar ranks no better than women’s rights.

In reality, as some noted on social media, the brave thing to do in many countries is for a woman to dare NOT wear a hijab. In some countries she will be publicly flogged, in others she will be thrown into jail.

But Nike has already proven that they will embrace controversial figure and topics in pursuit of coveted brand promotion and the dollars that follow. This was apparent in their warm embrace of radical, far-left former NFL player Colin Kaepernick and his disdain for the American flag.

The Toronto Raptor’s parent company, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment,are proud that they are the first NBA team to offer a hijab.

Islam is reportedly the second largest religion in Canada after Christianity. Muslims accounting for 8% of the Toronto population, according to World Population Review, so the motivation to market the demographic is good business.

But the team prefers to be seen as woke, according to Global News.

“One of the things that we are very interested in is moving from saying we are just about inclusivity and accessibility and finding ways to bring products and ideas to market that actually prove that,” said Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Senior Marketing Director Jerry Ferguson.

According to Ferguson, the team was inspired by a Muslim fan group known as the Hijabi Ballers, who helped with the design of the new hijab.

One wonders how long before a niqab is rolled out — this being a veil for covering the hair and face of a Muslim woman, with only her eyes being visible.

Nike and the Raptors took a beating from social media users, here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter:

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