Insane: Falcons receiver hits 20 MPH during TD blitz

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Popular wide receiver Julio Jones reached a speed of 20 mph Sunday in a mad dash to the end zone to give the Atlanta Falcons a big come-from-behind victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

The catch and ensuing touchdown gave the Falcons a 24-20 win over the visiting Eagles.

“I’m looking around and, OK, it’s a footrace now,” Jones told reporters after the game. “That was it. It really wasn’t like I had to try hard or anything like that — I just had to stay on course.”

In staying on course, he was clocked at 20 mph by NextGenStats.

And while that was impressive, Jones would have to pick it up a notch if he wants to be seen as the fasted player in the National Football League this year.

NextGenStats clocked Dallas Cowboys cornerback Chidobe Awuzie at a mind boggling 22..81 mph in the season opener last Sunday — that being the fastest time recorded in an NFL game since 2017.

The Cowboys were playing the New York Giants when superstar running back Saquon Barkley broke free on the second play from scrimmage for what looked to be a certain touchdown run.

Until Awuzie turned the jets on.

The Cowboys defensive player was on the opposite side of the field and Awuzie set his sights on Barkley, who was running free down the other sideline.

In one of the more amazing athletic feats you will see, he caught the running back who was clocked last year with an official time of 4.40 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

Barkley was stopped at the 23 yard line, and he too topped Julio Jones’ speed on the 59 yard run, clocking in at nearly 22 mph.

The cornerback, who goes by Chido, responded to the above tweet with a joke: “I was barely hitting stride.”

For the record, the Cowboys bested the division rival Giants, 35-17.

As impressive as Awuzie’s performance was, he also tweeted the next day that he had to submit to a random drug test from the NFL for performance enhancing drugs.

The player told USA Today that he passed the drug test.

“I mean, I know I’m fine,” Awuzie said. “I don’t even drink protein shakes. I just eat Nigerian food. Fufu, rice and stew, chicken, plantain, meat, goat meat.”

He was chided online by former NFL player and ESPN analyst Emmanuel Acho, who is of Nigerian descent, for revealing “the secret to the super powers” — goat meat.

Somehow, you get the impression that the demand for goat meat just jumped in the United States.

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