S.E. Cupp: Dems trashing each other in debate doesn’t help them win

If there’s one thing you can count on from Never-Trump Republicans, it’s advice to Democrats on how to defeat their party.

CNN host S.E. Cupp, who fancies herself a member of the GOP, is not happy with the 2020 Democratic Party primary field after Thursday night’s debate.

But it’s not talk of confiscating firearms that has her upset. Nor is it open borders or nationalized medicine that has Cupp irritated. No, rather than denounce what comes perilously close to socialism, Cupp is peeved because the Democratic candidates are not bashing Trump enough.

“It’s a good, if odd reminder, to the Democrats running for president that the goal of this whole thing is to beat Trump, but he didn’t come up a whole lot at the debate,” she said on Saturday’s show. “According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump was mentioned a total of 35 times during Thursday’s debate — that’s down from 61 and 72 times on the second debate’s two nights.”


Cupp complained that during the debate, former Vice President Joe Biden, the front-runner, only mentioned Trump once.

The breakdown on how often Trump was mentioned can be seen below:

“Yes, this is a Democratic primary, but don’t forget it’s followed by a general election,” she counseled. “Thursday’s debate, while highlighting some strong moments from some of the candidates, also revealed looming storm clouds on the horizon for Democrats. What might be working now to get Twitter likes and make headlines might also make it impossible to win in the general.”

Yes, she denounced the candidates for “grandstanding on radical, unpopular policies that most Americans can’t support and have no chance of becoming reality,” though it seemed to be more about being so open about these policies, rather than adhering to them in the first place.

“If you’re here to beat Trump then why are you trying to proving that you’re the farthest left from the stage. Why are you trying to injure your potential nominee with petty attacks,” Cupp said.

As for who that nominee might be, well… she seemed to tip her hand on who’s she’s rooting for when she hit the Democratic field for “piling up on your well-liked, most electable and best polling candidate.”

See Joe Biden.

After all, isn’t the common goal putting a Democrat in the White House?

“Primaries are for distinguishing yourself from the field and they’re about getting press and making waves,” Cupp said. “I get all that, but not if they’re at the expense of the real end goal which in this case is to get a Democrat into the White House. It isn’t all that complicated.”

She then pushed the Democratic talking point about the president’s approval, which was identical — 42% — to where Barack Obama stood at the two-and-a-half-year mark of his respective time in office, according to liberal Newsweek.

“Trump’s wildly unpopular and so are many of his policies, run against them. That’s it and also stop saying crazy stuff,” Cupp concluded.

What’s also becoming more unpopular is so-called Republicans going out of their way to assist the Democratic Party at the polls over a supposed stand on principle. While it may assure a paycheck at a network that all but dedicates 24/7 coverage to destroying Donald Trump, when it comes to conservatives with long memories, these people may find themselves lost in the wilderness in the post-Trump years.

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