Jesse Watters invites Scaramucci on for full-blown dizzying train wreck

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Jesse Watters understands that a train wreck makes for good television and recently invited guest Anthony Scaramucci did not disappoint.

A former member of the Trump administration, at least for 11 days, Scaramucci has since gone over to the dark side, becoming a rabid Trump-hater — this being a sure-fire ticket for notoriety, ensuring unlimited appearances on CNN amd MSNBC.

But Fox News is another story, as a combative Scaramucci noted right out of the gate, telling the host of “Watters’ World,” “I can’t believe I was let back in the building.”

Watters tried to start the interview off on a light note, jokingly asking his guest if he was jealous of his predecessor Sean Spicer for going on “Dancing with the Stars,” but Scaramucci was braced for battle from the jump.

The two went back and forth over whether Scaramucci, a Republican openly committed to defeating Trump in 2020, would vote for a Democrat candidate, with Scaramucci denying that he said that, adding that we’ll have “to see what happens.”

Continuing a narrative that assures him access to other cable networks, Scaramucci said of Trump, “This guy’s no longer suitable to be president. He’s acting completely nuts. And he’s very unstable.”

Source: Fox News

He then begins to rattle off a number of recent incidents to support his theory, but Watters jumped in to say that Trump “has always been like that.”

“This isn’t a new type of behavior,” he noted, with Scaramucci pushing back that the president has become “way worse.”

“He’s always been a little chaotic and he’s always punched back hard,” Watters said.

Scaramucci took a shot at Watters for defending Trump, which led to the Fox News host playing a montage of clips of Scaramuuci heaping praise on Trump.

“I’m not defending him, I’m worried about you,” Watters said. “Let me show you what you said about the president a couple months ago.”

In the montage, Scaramucci talks about Trump’s political skill and instinct, saying there’s “some level of genius in terms of his judgment,” that he “will leave everything on the field,” and that “people 50 years from now will study what he’s doing.”

Having been exposed on national television to just how radical he has flip-flopped, Scaramucci counters that Watters was “taking a lot of things out of the context.”

Watters assured him that “we have an hour of your sound praising the president.”

“Yes, I praised the president,” he admitted. “I was one of those guys who praised the president. Went to war for him, gave him money, gave him family time and energy. He turned on me.”

“Didn’t you turn on him first?” Watters pushed back.

Denying he did, Scaramuuci cited the incident were Trump called out the “squad” of four radical Democrats in the House, criticism he characterized as “racist tropes,” to say he can’t support that.

He then called the president a “fascist” for tweeting about Scaramucci’s divorce, with Trump claiming he said his wife was driving him crazy.

Understanding his quest was destroying his own credibility, Watters prompted him to repeated the claim that the president of the United States is a fascist.

Not only did Scaramucci do that, he doubled down, “The first thing in the fascist manifesto is going after private citizens, using your political power. He attacked my wife on Twitter.”

“He’s not a fascist and you know better than that,” Watters pushed back, after making it clear that it would be upsetting to someone if Trump commented on their wife.

He continued to tell his guest, “I think you’re being used by the media.”

Getting pummeled, Scaramuuci tried to turn the tables by accusing Watters of “being in the tank for Trump.”

“I’m not in the tank,” Watters shot back. “I think he’s a good president. I’m a little worried about you. I think that you now have changed because the president has always been like that.”

Noting that Scaramucci turned on Trump in a matter of a week, Waters pointed to a fundraising incident involving Donald Trump Jr. — Scaramucci tried to present himself as a neutral party in response.

They began talking over one another as Watters got to the point, finishing off his outmatched guest.

“Do you realize you are getting used by the media, CNN, MSNBC. Do you realize when they have you on to bash the president, they’re using you? Because they hate you — the media hates you. But now they love you because you are hitting the president.”

Scaramucci responded by regurgitating the talking points featured predominantly on those networks.

“I think the president has gone crazy and he’s getting crazier and crazier,” he said. “I think he’s in full-blown mental decline.”

After asking Scaramucci if he may be the one going crazy, Watters asked him about rumors that he’s planning to “go Hollywood.”

Scaramucci dismissed this as more “misinformation,” before warning Watters again that Trump may turn on him.

“Congratulations on your new engagement but he will probably hit your fiance, too,” he said in conclusion.

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