Ed Henry couldn’t stop his flowing tears during emotional return to ‘Fox & Friends’


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Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry was overcome with emotion in July when he announced on air that he was going on a medical leave to donate part of his liver to his sister.

Henry’s return on Friday to “Fox & Friends” was just as emotional, two months after his selfless sacrifice for his beloved sister suffering from chronic, life-threatening liver disease.

Struggling momentarily to get his words out, Henry fought back tears as a live studio audience of first responders applauded, following a playback of that segment in July, before managing to say that his sister “is doing great.”

He also quickly shifted the spotlight back on the first responders sitting before him, saying his sacrifice pales in comparison to what they do on a daily basis.

“I did that for my sister, who I love,” Henry explained, as tears streamed down his face. “That’s easy, I think. What you do every single day, helping people that you may not even know. The number of people on 9/11 who rushed into those buildings, Stephen Siller and everyone else — they didn’t know people who they wanted to save.”

Check out the segment below:

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Henry said he has received a “pile of letters” from every state, including one woman who said that her son received a liver donation a decade ago and with Henry sharing his story with the public, it will help “raise a little awareness.”

He poured his emotions out, talking about what a life-changing experience it has been for him and his family, and thanked his bosses at Fox News for their support.

But in the end, Henry said the focus should be on his sister, not him.

“It was really about Colleen. She’s had more bumps than me,” he said, stressing that he “only had to give up 30 percent of his liver,” which made his recovery a lot easier.

“Receiving the donation, it takes more time, it’s harder,” Henry added.

“She had a diseased liver to take out. Her surgery went a lot longer,” he said. “But as you can see, she’s looking great. Hope to have her here soon. Maybe come in and chat with everybody.”

The Fox News correspondent admitted that he grew a full beard while out, and he hasn’t had any alcohol in six months.

He also shared two things he was worried about when attending “Fox & Friends” co-host Pete Hegseth’s wedding.

The first was not being able to drink and the other was being greeted by colleague Sean Hannity, who is known to greet friends with a friendly punch.

Pointing out that he has an incision on his upper abdomen several inches long, Henry said, “When he sees you, he’s like ‘what’s going on brother man.’ And he punched me, and it did not hit my incision, somehow. I’m fine. I’m clear. I lived.”

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