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Bernie Sanders’ big John McCain moment

(FILE PHOTO by video screenshot)

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In a move that could define his campaign going forward, Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders performed a “John McCain moment” and scolded a crowd of supporters on Saturday after they cheered the death of the late billionaire philanthropist David Koch.

The scolding occurred as Sanders answered questions at the Minnesota State Fair. One of the attendees began his question by saying, “Yesterday, oligarch David Koch passed away.” For some inexplicable reason, this remark spurred cheers and jubilation from the audience.

“And we’re going to be dealing with his pollution and the radicalization of his politics,” the unnamed questioner continued after the cheers abated. “He’s made a killing off of the misery of other people, and I want to talk about retroactive justice. How would you follow up for the victims of folks who are coming down in the future generations?”

Fact-check: FALSE.

Listen to Sanders’ praiseworthy response below:

I don’t applaud, you know, the death of somebody. We needn’t do that,” the 2020 contender said before going on to talk about Citizens United, the criminal justice system and other topics.

This scolding mirrored the scolding then-GOP presidential nominee John McCain gave his supporters in 2008 when they accused then-Democrat nominee Barack Obama of working with “domestic terrorists” and being an “Arab.”


While Sanders’ scolding could have been tougher — he could have condemned those who cheered versus just saying, you know, “I don’t personally do this” — it still marked what may very well have been the first instance of any Democrat speaking out against the left’s indecency.

Ever since Koch died from deteriorating health earlier in the week, members of the MAINSTREAM LEFT (not just random nobodies) have been cheering his death and trashing his legacy and humanity:

As of Sunday morning, two full days after the billionaire’s death, not a single mainstream media outlet or Democrat presidential candidate had spoken out about this hatred. Not one. Nor had any of them fact-checked the myriads of smears being disseminated about Koch.

The only time the media began paying attention was after celebrated left-wing comedian and talk show host Bill Maher said of Koch, “I’m glad he’s dead.”

This remark did indeed receive media attention, though much of the coverage appeared to be laced with a positive tint.

“Like him or not, on Friday night Bill Maher did what he does best. He used his platform to cut through what he deems as nonsense, no matter the blowback or regard for political niceties,” Rolling Stone wrote.

Meanwhile, in describing the host’s monologue, The Daily Beast referred to the part specifically about Koch as “the kicker.”

Dovetailing back to Koch’s legacy, despite being described as a veritable mad Republican scientist who created President Donald Trump like Victor created Frankenstein, the fact remains he was a libertarian at heart — one who truly believed in the free market.

Born in Wichita, Kansas, in 1940, Koch was a longtime member of the board of trustees of Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes this podcast, and a major force in the modern libertarian movement,” Reason magazine, the premier news source for libertarians, notes.

The 20-minute podcast from Reason below has more information about his legacy:

Besides advocating for libertarian policies, Koch also donated huge sums of money to meaningful causes.

Some of the ways the conservative philanthropist was able to change lives was dipping into his estimated $50.5 billion fortune and giving more than a billion dollars to a variety of organizations,” Fox Business notes. “According to his company bio, those included research arms looking into cancer cures, medical centers, educational institutions, arts and cultural centers and public policy organizations.

For some reason, the rest of the media chose to ignore this aspect of his life — much as they likewise ignored his libertarian political leanings.

As for Sanders, he received widespread praise from those Americans who believe that, no matter whether they liked or disliked Koch’s political views, he was still a human being.


Vivek Saxena


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