Geraldo Rivera tweets ‘Israel is occupying Palestinian land’ in support of Tlaib and Omar
Screen capture … Geraldo Rivera … Credit: Fox News

On Sunday, Geraldo Rivera’s historical illiteracy went viral on social media when he tweeted that “Israel is occupying Palestinian land.”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s ongoing politically motivated stunts surrounding her indecisiveness about visiting her grandmother in the West Bank stirred Rivera to remind folks that he too is a pro-Palestine bot.

At of this writing, his tweet has drawn over 10,000 comments.

“Those attacking @RashidaTlaib (& @IlhanMN ) for their stance on Israel are in denial,” Rivera tweeted. “Israel is occupying Palestinian land. No spinning or propagandizing or mythologizing or rationalizing is going to change that ugly fact.”

Rivera provoked responses from both sides of the issue.

Conservative celebrity Chuck Woolery called out Rivera, saying, “You’re statement is political. It is not factual. But that’s just me and anyone else that knows the history of the Hebrew Nation.”

Twitter user Ulysses Hoffman rightly posted, “The Jews have held that land 5 separate times historically. the first ended in 586 BCE the second in 70 CE. The third was under Bar Kochba concluded in 135 CE, 4th was in the 1600s under the Turks. 5th is the current state of Israel established in 1948.”

Another Twitter user, GH Staigle pointed to the British Mandate originating 100 years ago, saying, “When the British Mandate was divided, it was Israel for the Jews and Jordan for the Arabs. Jordan kicked out all Jews while Israel allowed Arabs to stay. PaLIEstine was an invention of Arafat, a terrorist from Cairo, Egypt, in the 1960s.”

Jimmy Levy called the notion of Palestine a fairy tale, “Just like Narnia …”

Many of those weighing in on social media have pointed out that all countries were formed by wars and treaties. Another pointed out that Rivera once stated that the United States is occupying land belonging to Mexico.


Another user accused Rivera of missing the actual point of the dangerous and objectionable political anti-Semite stance Tlaib and Omar represent:

Some also recognized an apparently lucrative motivation for Geraldo’s post:

Meanwhile, another tweet added a clip showing that Rivera’s views on Palestine are nothing new, as six years ago, Rivera compared Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat to George Washington:

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