Smart public toilet to detect sexual activity and douse users. What could possibly go wrong?

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While the possibilities of what could go wrong may boggle the mind, one thing is certain, Brits put a lot of thought into their toilets.

In a story that brings to mind the myth that taking a cold shower will reduce sexual impulses, a Welsh town is planning to install hi-tech toilets that will detect sexual activity, sound an alarm and spray the occupant(s) with a cool shot of water.

The town of Porthcawl, located on Wales’ southern coastline, apparently has enough of a problem with people hanging out in the loo that they are willing to drop around $200,000 on hi-tech toilets at Griffin Park to limit “inappropriate sexual activity and vandalism,” Fox News reported.

The features will include sensors in the floors that will detect weight, to limit one person per stall.

More from Fox News:

At the sign of any suspicious or violent movement, sensors will automatically open the stall doors and sound a high-pitch alarm, with a spray of water jets soaking the user inside. The floors will also be weight-sensitive to make sure there’s only one person in the stall at a time, according to WalesOnline

The new robo-toilets, whose plans were submitted by the Porthcawl town council, are set to replace the old facilities, which they say outlived their lifespan in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The new toilets will require a fee in order to use them, although it hasn’t been decided yet. […]

Planning documents of the toilets detail other security features that will deter those who decide to sleep in the lavatory stall. If someone takes up residence in the toilet for an extended period of time, a warning message will play, combined with the lights and heating being turned off.

The toilets are also designed to help prevent smoking and drug-taking in the cubicles.

The technology includes a feature for that errant misdirection of bodily fluids, as the toilets will come with a full high-pressure floor and wall-washer.

The feature may be activated after each use, or set to engage after a set number of uses. The toilets will  reportedly close each night for 10 minutes while the system goes into a deep clean mode.

As for social media users, the concerns over what could go wrong includes those who are handicapped, or overweight. Not to mention the possibility of assisting a child or an elderly person.

Or kids looking to intentionally set off the warning system for kicks.

Here’s a sampling of some responses from Twitter:

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