Comedian Pauly Shore knows why Trump wants to buy Greenland

Fox News host Jesse Watters turned to none other than “In the Army Now” star Pauly Shore for insight into recent reports that President Donald Trump is looking into purchasing Greenland.

While Shore has never been politically outspoken, the 51-year-old comedian has talked before about having a friendship with Trump before he became president. He spent most of his time during his recent “debut” on Fox News’ “Watters World” innocently trolling and cracking host Watters up.

(Screenshot from Fox News)

“I like your energy,” Shore told Watters after in introduction that included playing a clip from the movie “The Princess Bride” that mentions Greenland, “it’s very low.”

With Watters already laughing, Shore added, “I like it. You’re like low energy Joe, but for a reporter.”

On why Trump would consider purchasing Greenland, Shore said, “The reason why he’s purchasing it is because it’s green and that’s where all the cannabis is going to be. And he’s smart. That’s actually a good purchase.”

Shore then brought up a recent Watters confession where the Fox News host said he was called “trash” by “Transformers” actor Shia Labeouf while working his way through an airport.

“He called you trash, which in France basically means you’re a beautiful man,” Shore said.

“It was a language barrier,” Watters said through laughter.

Shore also jokingly called Greenland a “sanctuary market” where Trump could go if Democrats succeed in impeaching him.

Shore doesn’t think Trump will get impeached though.

“If Donald Trump gets impeached, which he’s not going to get impeached because he’s one of the what?” Shore said.

“The best presidents of all time,” Watters responded.

“Best president in the whole world,” Shore added.

Source: Fox News

The “Encino Man” star added that “word on the street” is the recently deceased Jeffrey Epstein may also be hiding out in Greenland.

Jumping into 2020 Democrat presidential candidates, Shore joked that “Sleepy Joe” Biden is ready for a comeback because he’s “taking the same stuff” CNN host Chris Cuomo took before Cuomo’s viral confrontation with a person who called him “Fredo,” after the character from “The Godfather.”

The comedian said Biden’s new nickname will be “Fredo Joe” once he picks up the energy.

“He’s going to be more on top of it,” Shore said.

On Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), whom Shore referred to as “Pocahontas” as Trump often does, Shore, said, “The reason he’s [Trump] slamming her is because he wants to run against her.”

He continued, “So in 2020 it’s going to be cowboys vs. Indians.”

On the origin of Shore’s appearance on “Watters World,” the comedian revealed Watters had run into him on the streets of New York City (Shore was in town doing standup comedy) and revealed he was a fan and asked him to be on the show. Shore said he agreed because he’s a fan of the show and thinks Watters is “awesome.”

Though he’s mostly known now for his standup comedy and occasional television appearances on shows like “Hawaii Five-O,” Shore was one of the biggest comedic movie stars in the ’90s. He starred in a string of hit films that included “Encino Man,” “Son-in-Law” and “In the Army Now.”


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