Trump expertly dismisses attention-seeking immigration protester during Jamestown speech

President Trump was giving an uncharacteristically calm speech in Jamestown, Virginia during which he praised our Founding Fathers for the work they did in forging a new nation.

What should have been a fairly reverent moment turned into a different kind of political stage when a well-dressed protestor began chanting “Mr. President, you can’t send us back. Virginia is our home.”

Watch below:

First, it’s worth pointing out that this was a commemoration speech, and had nothing to do with President Trump’s policies or politics in general. It was a moment to mark a historic anniversary. Of course, there are some people so obsessed with Trump and their hatred for him that they are willing to attend one of his speeches just to protest for literally seconds before being escorted off the premises.

Second and arguably more important is Trump’s massive non-reaction to this. He looked positively bored during the minute-long incident and did no more to address this man’s petty actions than to thank capitol police for removing him. He continued on with his speech as if nothing had happened, which is not something a lot of people expect from the president. Perhaps that’s because at his campaign rally in North Carolina, he was interrupted by another protester in a MAGA hat, and he mocked the man about “being sent home to mommy.”

“He goes home now to Mommy and he gets reprimanded and that’s the end,” he said.

“Sorry, Mom, didn’t mean to embarrass you,” the president added, imagining what the man would tell his mother after being evicted from the Greenville event.

But this kind of obnoxiousness isn’t isolated to the president, or even just Republicans. Politicians of all stripes have been interrupted by those who wish for a few seconds of spotlight. Recall, if you will, the 2015 incident of Black Lives Matter protestors interrupting Bernie Sanders and driving him from the stage. Or more recently, in July when Elizabeth Warren’s Netroots Nation panel was crashed by immigration protestors who demanded to know if she would “legalize 11 million” illegal aliens if she were to become president.

These creeps think that they are making a splash when they do this kind of thing; as if disrespectfully interrupting a speech is going to win people over to their side of the argument. Reality is, they will be forgotten by the end of the business day, or when Trump logs back into Twitter.

The president handled this guy fantastically, and hopefully, he will carry this demeanor over into future speeches where he will no doubt face more heckling from progressive “activists.” The best reaction he can give is no reaction at all, because it gives the left nothing to work with.


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