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‘Outside my purview:’ Broken-record Mueller shuts down damning questions. Disaster for Dems!

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Congressman Steve Chabot also got the opportunity to dig into Mueller’s final report, and question the Director on his handling of the investigation and the findings that resulted.

In opening his line of questioning, Chabot noted that many of his “Democratic colleagues were very disappointed” in the Mueller report for not blatantly outlining a list of reasons they can impeach the president. He also stated that Dems are now convinced that the Mueller report contains an abundance of evidence to begin impeachment proceedings, and “this hearing today is their last best hope to build up some sort of groundswell across America to impeach President Trump. That’s what this is really all about today.”

Then he launches into his questions, beginning with one about Fusion GPS, with which Mueller claims he is “not familiar.” He also repeats what seems to be his theme of the day with Republicans: “This is outside my purview.”

Watch below:

Chabot: “Let me just help you, it was. It’s not a trick question or anything, it was Fusion GPS. Now, Fusion GPS produced the opposition research document widely known as the Steele dossier and the owner of Fusion GPS is someone named Glenn Simpson, are you familiar with-”

Mueller: “This is outside my purview.

Chabot: “Okay, um, Glenn Simpson was never mentioned in the 448-page Mueller report, was he?”

Mueller: “As I say this is outside my purview and it’s being handled in the department by others.”

Chabot: “Okay, well he was not. 448 pages, the owner of Fusion GPS, that did the Steele dossier that started all of this, he’s not mentioned in there.”

Chabot presses this line of questioning, forcing Mueller to repeat the phrase “that’s outside my purview” 4 more times, which ultimately led him to refusing to answer all of Chabot’s questions and referring him to the report.

Chabot concluded his line of questioning by noting once more that all mentions of Fusion GPS and all of their connections to Hillary Clinton were omitted from the 448-page report published by Robert Mueller, either intentionally or otherwise. It is a set of questions that breeds distrust in the objectivity of the Mueller report, causing one to wonder whether it was created to protect Clinton and other Democrats, or if that merely happened by accident. Of course, we won’t be able to ask Mueller, because it seems that everything except specific questions of obstruction are “outside his purview.”


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