Twitter’s top manager allowed to tweet vulgar attacks: ‘Can somebody impeach this motherf…er before it’s too late?’

Ian Brown @iqb
Screen grab … Twitter Engineering Manager Ian Brown’s banner

The irony and audacity continue unabated, with some in the Twitter management org chart openly and fearlessly spewing ugly epithets at conservatives, even while the company calls for eliminating hate speech on its platform.

Senior Engineering Manager Ian Brown has repeatedly caught the eye of those on the right for his aggressive, foul tweets aimed at President Trump, those in his administration, and conservatives in the media. It’s impossible to claim that those at the very top of the Twitter food chain are unaware of Brown’s attacks, as he is followed by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Chief Technology Officer Parag Agrawal.

If you are repelled by thuggish gutter-talk, time to move on, because we’re going to look at some of Brown’s latest.

In January, Brown echoed socialist Rep. Rashida Tlaib with this attack on the President …

White House Director of Social Media and Assistant to the President Dan Scavino was a target of Brown in May, when he called him a “racist dick.” In another tweet he called him a “racist hack and a hate-mongering jerk.”

This past December saw Brown attack both Trump and Scavino in one not-so-jolly holiday-themed tweet …

It’s worth noting that Scavino is in charge of the Trump social media universe and he is involved in the current effort to rein in the tech giants’ obvious anti-conservative bias.

Last week, during a White House meeting attended by several social media executives, the President sang Scavino’s praises, talking about his role in the 2016 campaign when he alone battled the Clinton social media team. “There’s nobody better at that and I think Hillary had 28 people and I had Dan,” he said. “I had my Dan and he works at about 28 hours a day and he works very hard. He doesn’t work. I mean he loves it. He loves it.”

Brown obviously has a thing for Scavino. In April, he posted …

Perhaps the most visible and viral of Brown’s attacks on conservatives came in June when he commented on the episode when Eric Trump was spit upon by a restaurant employee in Chicago. He implied, or perhaps encouraged, that servers adulterate his food.

The Twitter senior manager has also tweeted out attacks on the likes of Republican Sen. Rand Paul and Turning Point USA head Charlie Kirk.

One has to imagine that if big tech is ever brought to trial for gross hypocricy and criminally misdirected virtue signalling, Ian Brown would be “exhibit #1.”

Conservatives do let him know they have their eye on him …

Victor Rantala


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