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Obama 3.0: Ex-president is grooming Kamala after throwing Biden out with trash, says Laura Ingraham

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Many believe that Barack Obama wants California Senator Kamala Harris to be the Democratic presidential nominee, and that’s why he hasn’t supported frontrunner Joe Biden, who helped him win the presidency in 2008 and 2012. (K. Harris/Twitter)

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham says Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is Obama 3.0. And she says it’s obvious that Harris is being advised and groomed by former president Barack Obama to win their party’s nomination.

In other words, Obama has no loyalty toward his friend and Vice President Joe Biden, who helped him win in 2008 and 2012 by wooing blue-collar Democrats. Why? Because Obama wants California Senator Kamala Harris to win the nomination. And that’s why he has not defended his former running mate from Harris’ ugly racist attacks.

“Who doubts that Kamala and her team are in contact with the Obamas?” Ingraham said. “She’ll say and do anything to win, including bloodying up Biden with a vicious racial smear.”

(Source: Ingraham Angle)

Obama refuses to defend Biden from Kamala’s racist smears

As BizPac Review reported, Harris accused Biden of being a racist because he had worked with Democratic segregationist senators decades ago. For the record, politicians typically work with other lawmakers whose views they don’t like in order to advance a common goal.

Interestingly, Harris’ poll numbers climbed shortly after that race-baiting attack on Biden. Ingraham pointed out that Barack and Michelle Obama never came out to publicly support Biden against Harris’ smears, and that’s because the Obamas are prioritizing identity politics over their longtime friendship and political alliance with Joe Biden.

Michelle Obama on Kamala-Biden feud: ‘No comment’

Ingraham says now that Biden is of no use to Obama, he threw old Joe away like yesterday’s trash. While Obama is apparently backing Harris (presumably because she’s half-black like him), he forgets that he would never have won the presidency without the help of millions of white voters like Joe Biden.

Harris needs black voters to beat Biden

Ingraham says it would have been so easy for Barack Obama to issue a statement saying that Joe Biden is not a racist, and he knows that from their years of friendship. Instead, Obama chose to stay silent while Harris slammed Biden as a racist. She’s doing this because she needs to win over black voters to beat Biden.

“He’s the only real challenge standing in the way of her claiming the Obama mantle,” Ingraham explained. “Because what could be more ‘historic’ following the first male African-American president than four years later the first female African-American president? And to beat him she has to win over black voters.”

Laura Ingraham says Kamala Harris is desperately pandering to black voters because her own bona fides as a black American has come under attack due to her Jamaican family’s history of slave ownership, and the fact that Harris has done nothing to help blacks during her career.

Kamala Harris is trying to buy black votes

Ingraham also slammed Harris’ $100 billion housing plan that will fund down payments to help black Americans buy homes, calling it “racial pandering.”

“This is clearly racial pandering of the worst sort, but it’s designed to peel voters away from Joe Biden,” Ingraham said.

Critics say Harris’ $100 billion housing plan targeting black Americans is merely another phony gimmick to buy black votes. Many Twitter users mocked Harris for pandering to black voters by pointing out that her ancestors in Jamaica owned slaves decades ago.

One man noted: “Her Jamaican family decendants were slave owners…The historical accounts are so detailed that should Kamala Harris want to search out the families of the people her relative reportedly tortured, she would probably be able to find them, and pay reparations to them herself.”


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