Handyman details soundproof dungeon with hooks Utah student’s alleged killer tried to hire him to build

Mackenzie Lueck Ayoola Ajayi
Ayoola Ajayi, the Nigerian-American man who allegedly murdered college student Mackenzie Lueck, wanted to build a soundproof dungeon, says a Utah handyman. (screenshots)

Mackenzie Lueck’s alleged murderer, Ayoola Ajayi, wanted to build a soundproof chamber in his basement and discussed the disturbing details of his plans with a Utah handyman.

Lueck, 23, disappeared on June 18 after meeting an unknown individual near a park in Salt Lake City in the middle of the night after being dropped off by a Lyft driver.

A week later, the charred remains of Mackenzie’s body was found buried in Ajayi’s backyard, along with her belongings.

(Source: Fox News)

Ajayi has been charged with aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and desecration of a body in the murder of MacKenzie Lueck.

booking record Ayoola Ajayi
Booking record of murder suspect Ayoola Ajayi. (Source: Heavy)

Handyman: Ajayi’s request for dungeon gave me the creeps

Handyman Brian Wolf told Fox News that Ajayi — a Nigerian-American who claimed to be an IT specialist — contacted him in April after his home suffered some flood damage. During their conversation, Wolf says Ajayi asked him to construct a secret, soundproof chamber that was roughly four-feet wide and seven-to-nine feet long in his basement.

“He didn’t creep me out until he started asking for the requests that he wanted in that room,” Wolf said. “He told me the reason he wanted it done so fast was his girlfriend was coming out. He didn’t tell me her name, what she looked like. He just said that his girlfriend was coming into town and needed to get it done before she got there because she was a Mormon girl. He did say she was a white girl” and “she didn’t know he drank so he wanted to hide his alcohol from her.”

Mackenzie Lueck’s family is Mormon.

‘It was weird what he was asking me’

Wolf says Ajayi also wanted “a secret door” in the secret chamber and then “slowly started sidestepping into more stuff, like wanting a thumb lock on it with a fingerprint lock, and soundproofing it, and putting hooks in the concrete – it was just weird what he was asking me.”

Wolf says Ajayi’s bizarre requests set off alarm bells.

“I kinda joked around about it. Like, ‘What do you need hooks that high for?’ He was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to hang these wine racks up there.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I can hang your wine racks for you and not have these big gaudy hooks that you want up here.’ And then I was asking him why he wanted it soundproof, and he said if he wanted to sit down there and listen to his music real loud.

“And I was thinking like, ‘Why would you sit in a tiny little — like almost a little bigger than a walk-in closet — room and listen to your music real loud and drink your wine or whiskey or whatever?’

Handyman: I regret I didn’t report suspicions to police

Wolf says Ayoola Ajayi claimed that money was no object. Wolf eventually turned down the project, saying he couldn’t get the project done as quickly as Ajayi wanted. In reality, he says he was creeped out by the request.

Mackenzie Lueck
Mackenzie Lueck/Facebook

Looking back, Brian Wolf, a father of two, regrets that he didn’t tell police about his concerns. “Some people say I should have called the cops then,” he said. “But how am I supposed to call the cops and be like, ‘Hey, this guy wants me to build a weird room in his basement,'” Wolf said.

Wolf says he’s heartbroken about Mackenzie’s brutal murder.  “I’m shaking right now,” he said. “My heart’s pounding. I’m almost about to cry. It’s scary. I feel sorry for that girl.”

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