CNN just made Joe Biden’s Dem ‘segregation’ debacle worse with ‘extremely unfair’ chyron

Joe Biden seems to be having a harder time with the radical liberals in his own party than he does with Republican opponents.

The former vice president and 2020 contender was still under fire for comments he made which earned him backlash for being a racist when CNN hit him with an “extremely unfair” chyron.

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The Democrat was eaten alive by the left after he noted earlier this week that he can still work well with others even of they disagree ideologically or politically, citing an example of when he once worked with segregationist senators.

The 76-year-old Democrat was slammed for being “out of step” with the modern Democrat Party, prompting Sen. Cory Booker to demand he apologize. Biden dismissed the backlash, even calling on the New Jersey Democrat to offer up an apology instead.

“Cory should apologize,” he said. “He knows better. There’s not a racist bone in my body, I’ve been involved in civil rights my whole career: Period. Period. Period.”

As CNN covered the topic on “New Day” Thursday, it chose to run a chyron that said, “Biden refuses to apologize for segregationist remarks.”

Daily Caller’s Eddie Zipperer dropped the truth bomb on the network, noting that Biden had actually not made any “segregationist remarks” but had spoken about working with segregationist senators in the past.

Zipperer added that CNN’s chyron choice was simply a “hit job” against the Democrat who appears to be battling with more radical members of his own party.

Meanwhile, Biden has doubled down on his remarks, clarifying his intended point while refusing to apologize for what critics failed to understand in his example.

“The point I’m making is you don’t have to agree. You don’t have to like the people in terms of their views,” he said Wednesday. “But you just simply make the case and you beat them without changing the system.”

Biden will join more than 20 other Democratic candidates this weekend in South Carolina to attend Rep. Jim Clyburn’s “World Famous Fish Fry,” where sources indicated the 2020 contender will go on the offensive.

A recent poll showed Biden leading in the state by a wide margin.

Clyburn and others came to Biden’s defense, even as he was being slammed by other Democrats.

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