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School officials take issue with posters from student group reading ‘America is the greatest country’

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Saying America is the “greatest country” shouldn’t be all that controversial of a statement, but it appears it is for some people today.

Dan Gallipoli, a student and Turning Point USA chapter president at West Haven High School in Connecticut, told the Breitbart News Daily radio show on Wednesday that teachers at his school have taken issue with pro-America posters from his group.

(Screenshot: Turning Point USA YouTube channel)

“We learned that administration — specifically some of the teachers in the school — had called for our club to be disbanded,” Gallipoli told Breitbart host Alex Marlow in an interview highlighting the alleged bias.

Gallipoli went on to say that teachers were “encouraging people to take down our posters — right now, we’re still working with the administration, the principal and the superintendent, trying to get our posters up.”

The two posters targeted read, “America is the greatest country in the world.” and “Big Government Sucks.”

Gallipoli said his group is still negotiating with the school administration about putting up posters to promote their group without disruption from teachers or students.

After Marlow said it was crazy that calling America the “greatest country” could offend people, Gallipoli offer up the explanation his school administration gave him.

“The [administration’s] idea was that maybe it could offend people who were from another country and who had family in another country,” the student said.

That excuse did not sit well with the young conservative.

“But we argued — we have rivalries with other schools, and we say stuff like Notre Dame sucks, so what’s the problem with saying that America is the greatest country in the world when we think West Haven is the greatest high school in the world, and that might offend people who would transfer from Notre Dame,” he said.

Gallipoli also revealed that after he contacted Connecticut GOP chairman J.R. Romano and asked for the chairman to attend their next meeting to offer up solutions to the situation, a board of education official from another district protested the idea of a Republican politician talking to students about political bias.

“We invited the Connecticut GOP chairman to our next meeting so that we could get a second opinion and maybe some suggestions for solutions,” said Gallipoli, “and he posted about it on his social media, and he had an argument with a board of [education] member from another district.”

Gallipoli said that board of education member, named Trisha Brookhart, “called us racist and sexist and said we were brainwashed by our Republican parents.”

A report from Hartford Courant credited Brookhart with indeed saying some pretty shocking things about the conservative high school students.

“Absolutely pathetic to attack teachers for standing up to these racist, sexist, bullies who are brainwashed by their Republican parents,” she tweeted.

Brookhart later deleted her tweet and offered up a half apology.

“I was defending teachers,” she said.

She added, “I’m really tired of our school teachers being attacked for anything that they do,” said Brookhart, “I don’t know what the chairman of the Republican Party is doing going into our schools — I’m not saying all Republicans hold their views — I honestly am afraid for my safety because they’re a little crazy.”


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