Donna Brazile tells off Cavuto in testy exchange: ‘I don’t need you or anybody else to interpret what I said’

Former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile scolded Fox Business host Neil Cavuto as the two debated her past comments on President Donald Trump.

Brazile, who is now a Fox News contributor, told Cavuto not to “interpret” her remarks as they discussed her previous comments dismissing the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency.

(Video: Fox News)

“You had said that Russia is the reason Hillary Clinton isn’t president. In other words, are you saying that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president?” Cavuto asked Brazile in an earlier clip on “Your World” on Tuesday.

“I’m saying that Russia played a role in 2016 and I say while there are other factors that led to Secretary Clinton falling short of the 270 electoral votes, yes, I do believe that Russia was a major factor and the debacle in 2016,” Brazile replied.

“But you said Russia is the reason why she was denied the White House. Don’t you think that fuels an impression that if it not for Russia, Donald Trump would never have gotten to the White House?” Cavuto pressed.

“You know, Neil, here’s what I push back on. I push back on those who don’t believe that the interference caused havoc and created chaos and sowed discord,” Brazile countered. “I became chair of the Democratic Party for the second time in my life, interim chair, as a result of the hacking. And I think it’s time that we put our Constitution, defend our democracy, ahead of partisan politics.”

Cavuto admitted that he agreed with Brazile but pressed on her not wanting to address Hillary Clinton‘s “lousy campaign or her refusal to go to these big manufacturing states” and blame Russia instead.

“Neil, can I say something?” Brazile asked. “When I talk I speak for myself, I don’t need you or anybody else to interpret what I said.”

“No, no, I’m quoting you. Donna, you said Russia is the reason that Hillary Clinton isn’t president,” the Fox Business host shot back.

“I do believe that Russia is one of the major factor-wise why she’s not in the White House,” she responded. “But there are other mitigating factors and I said that as well.”

“When a foreign country comes to help your campaign, you should report it and not have more than 100 contacts with a hostile foreign nation just because you want to get the ‘dirt.’ Well, if you want dirt, go to Home Depot and Lowe’s and buy it by the 40-pound bag like I do, but don’t utilize that information to sow discord, create chaos and false political narratives, which I do believe hurt Hillary Clinton’s ability to get her message out,” Brazile added.

Following the video clip, Cavuto doubled down on the former DNC chair’s remarks.

“But let’s be clear, Donna Brazile, like her a lot, that’s fine, and she’s a contributor here. That’s great. She did say if not for Russia, Hillary Clinton would be in the White House,” Cavuto said.

“And like I also said, many Democrats harbor that view that Donald Trump was not the duly elected, legitimate President of the United States,” he added. “They will not let go of this.”

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