CNN balks when Eric Swalwell dares network to leave Georgia over abortion law

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Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell challenged CNN to abandon its Atlanta headquarters to protest Georgia’s new anti-abortion law. (screenshots)

Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell challenged liberal cable network CNN to step up and do more than pay mere lip service to championing women’s rights.

How? By moving their headquarters out of Atlanta to protest Georgia’s new anti-abortion law.

Former Obama adviser Jim Sciutto hosted CNN town hall

CNN host Jim Sciutto — a former senior adviser to ex-president Barack Obama — walked right into the trap by asking Swalwell the following during a CNN town hall:

“As folks here in Atlanta know very well, it’s now become an economic issue because you have companies particularly in film and television [that are boycotting Georgia over the new anti-abortion law].

There are a lot of films and television shows shot in the Atlanta area. But you have Netflix, Disney, NBC Universal, Warner Media which owns CNN. They’ve all warned that they may halt business here if that law goes into effect. Do you support that kind of economic boycott?”

Congressman Swalwell retorted: “If that law goes into effect, I do. And CNN may have to move. There’s a lot of young women who work at CNN that will be affected.”

Naturally, abortion super-fan Jim Sciutto had nothing to say in response.

(Source: CNN)

Swalwell: Women have unconditional right to abort babies

Eric Swalwell also shared his thoughts on abortion, saying it’s a woman’s unconditional right to abort her baby — even as it’s being born.

This is an extreme pro-abortion position that the Democratic Party is championing, despite the fact that many Americans (including many abortion supporters) oppose late-term abortion.

“My wife and I really deeply believe that it’s her body, her choice. And that should be for every woman in America.  Here’s what I’ll do as president. As president, I would only appoint justices who upheld the law, including the precedent that is Roe v. Wade.

But I don’t want us to aim so low that we just protect what so many women marched and worked really hard to make sure was there. I want us to repeal the Hyde Amendment that says that only a woman with private healthcare insurance can make that decision.

I also want to tell every young man in America today that you have a duty and a responsibility right now to link arms with young women in America to make sure that a woman has a right to choose. It’s HER decision. The government is never a part of that right. That’s a responsibility that young men have, too, right now. So find young women and march with them.”

Democratic Party plans to demonize GOP over abortion issue

As BizPac Review reported, the Democratic Party plans to put abortion center stage in an effort to beat Republicans in the 2020 elections. It’s part of a strategy to appeal to women voters by positioning abortion as a women’s rights issue.

And instead of playing defense when Republicans paint Democrats as heartless baby killers who think it’s okay to murder a child as it’s being born, they’re planning an offensive strategy.

“We are buckled in. We are ready to go, but we’re not going to be playing defense,” says Jennifer Holdsworth, a Democratic political strategist.

Abortion enthusiasts are targeting state and local elections

Democrats are teaming up with the following pro-abortion groups to attack Republicans as too extreme in their anti-abortion stance:

  • Planned Parenthood.
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America.
  • Center for Reproductive Rights.
  • State organizations in Ohio, Missouri, Georgia and Alabama, where new anti-abortion laws were just passed.

And Democrats are fortifying their offensive tactics by targeting state and local elections, and not just focusing on the presidential election.

They’re even pandering to the LGBT community by calling abortion a “fundamental human right” for transgender men.

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Planned Parenthood: Abortion ban violates the “fundamental human rights” of transgender men. (Instagram, YouTube)
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