Animal rights ‘activist’ storms stage and rips microphone from Kamala Harris at MoveOn event

During Saturday’s MoveOn Big Ideas Forum in San Francisco, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was interrupted by a protester who stormed the stage and ripped a microphone from her hands.

While moderators asked Harris about her position on “gender pay gaps,” a protestor sporting a man bun and messy beard came onstage. Harris, seemingly confused about who the man was, actually almost handed the microphone to the protestor.

(Screenshot: MoveOn)

The man began rambling about getting Harris’ attention on a “bigger idea,” but the senator walked off the stage while others dealt with the protestor and held him back.

“Thank you so much, sir, for your big idea,” said one of the moderators, “but we are just trying to make sure that we are able to get through this.”

You can check out video of the incident below:

One of the folks to lead the protester offstage was actually Doug Emhoff, Harris’ husband.

The incident seemed to work in Harris’ favor because after abandoning the stage and almost handing the guy the microphone, she returned to finish her talk while the crowd chanted, “Kamala, Kamala.”

“You have a question and I want to answer it,” she told the moderators after returning to the stage.

Animal rights organization Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) identified the manbun-sporting protestor as Aidan Cook.

Christopher Cadelago, a reporter for Politico, also identified the man on Twitter and revealed that Cook is not being charged with a crime. Cook reportedly said that the MoveOn crew was “cool” with his actions.

Cook is 24 years old and from Oakland, California. He was trying to talk to Harris about the mass extinction of animals.

Lois Beckett, a reporter with The Guardian, tweeted that she also spoke to Cook and asked him if he had any hesitation about taking a microphone away from a woman of color.

“I did,” he said. “I tried to show my profound respect for each of the people onstage.”

Aidan Cook is little more than a blip on the radar when it comes to any sort of national discussion about political issues, but his actions speak to a larger issue within the Democrat Party.

At a Democrat Party convention in San Francisco, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was at one point silenced by protestors with signs screaming, “Impeach!” The protestors were clearly unimpressed with Pelosi’s position about not pursuing the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Source: Fox News

These two instances happened in the same day and show that not only is there a growing extremist wing to the Democrat Party, but there is also a growing dissatisfaction with the party’s leadership. After all, Pelosi is the speaker of the house and Harris is one of a gazillion Democrats looking to challenge Trump for the presidency in 2020. Watching these strange events unfold is like watching the party descend into chaos and devour itself on its way down.

Say what you will about the president, but his actions have spoken louder than his words and he fires up crowds wherever he goes. Republicans have managed to make leaps forward on everything from tax cuts to criminal justice reform with his administration. Democrats, meanwhile, won’t even let their leaders speak.


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