CNN’s Stelter taking Avenatti ‘seriously’ as 2020 contender comes back to bite amid damning reports of media coverage

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Screen capture … CNN “journalist” Brian Stelter hosted Michael Avenatti numerous times on “Reliable Sources.” Credit: CNN

One day a nobody, the next day a leftist star … no fewer than 254 TV appearances in one year made disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti a household name.

Media Research Center analysts recently examined the sudden emergence of the huckster and found the leftist media could not get enough of him beginning in March 2018 when he appeared with spurious claims against President Trump by stripper Stormy Daniels.

To little surprise, fake news stalwarts CNN and MSNBC were the leading enablers of Avenatti with 121 and 108 appearances respectively on those networks. ABC granted him 12 broadcasts; CBS, 7; NBC, 5; and Fox News, 2.

As BPR reported, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had called out ‘total con’ Avenatti long ago for being a shameless huckster. But, that didn’t stop the rest of the media from glorifying Avenatti and his anti-Trump message.

The Washington Free Beacon estimated that within just the first two months of Avanatti’s appearance on the national stage, CNN and MSNBC had given the porn lawyer more than $175 million worth of media exposure.

It’s disturbing but hilarious how the gullible, corrupt, and incredibly irresponsible mainstream media promoted the serial fraudster Michael Avenatti as the future of the Democrat party.

It doesn’t get any better than “journalist” Brian Stelter of CNN hosting the attorney on “Reliable Sources” regularly, as Sean Davis tweeted …

With that much eye-rolling CNN and MSNBC video to tap into, we could go on all day with this stuff.

How about Stelter angling to become “President Avenatti’s” press secretary … a clip shared by Ryan Saavedra …

As the pendulum swings … Avenatti is on the hook for prison sentences in excess of 400 years for several-dozen federal counts of fraud and extortion, to include yesterday’s new charges dropped against him for forging Daniels’ signature in order to divert hundreds of thousands of dollars from her book royalty payments into his own personal and business accounts.

For at least a few months in 2018, the leftists running the mass media branch of the Democrat party saw Avenatti as their “savior.”

Approximately 70 percent of his TV face time punished viewers between March and June of 2018, while the legal battle with Trump had leftists giddy with delight. Enamored with his sudden fame, Avenatti started talking about a presidential run, going so far as to release a memo of his various policy positions and make a trip to the battleground state of Iowa.

How much more proof is needed to demonstrate the uselessness of the networks that so obviously pretend to do news? Their ratings continue to plummet, yet they fail to reverse course.

A wonderful compendium here of media clips worshiping Avenatti last year …

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