Taco Bell worker fired after calling ‘all Muslims terrorists’ in bizarre drive-thru debate

A poorly informed Taco Bell employee was fired after getting into a debate of sorts with a drive-thru customer on Muslims being terrorists.

The man, who identified himself as being Muslim, recorded the encounter with the woman and posted the video on social media.

“Around 1 am after a busy day at work & not being able to eat from a long day of fasting for #Ramadan, I went to Taco Bell to buy some food for suhoor (pre-dawn meal/breakfast) but, ended up having a 25 minute debate with this worker who insisted ALL Muslims are terrorists,” tweeted the man who goes by Tarek on social media.

The incident took place at a franchise location in Bridgeton, Missouri, according to Fox News, and the woman is heard telling the man her number is in one of the bags as she hands his order to him — presumably so they can continue the discussion they were having.

“I want to tell you it’s not like what you think and what you feel,” he patiently tells her. “Those people — we don’t follow those people.”

“We’re not all like those people,” he added. “Those people are monsters. Those people are disgusting. Those are the people who make the religion look bad.”

“I’m going to tell you right now,” she replied, “until you call me and change my mind, Muslim motherf–kers can suck my d*ck!”

Now granted, this is a gender-fluid world these days, but the odds are very good that the woman doesn’t have the necessary equipment to hold up her end of the bargain.

Nonetheless, it was a good indication of the caliber of the person in question. It was also a strong clue that having a debate on the virtues of Muslims in a Taco Bell drive-thru at 1 o’clock in the morning was probably not a good idea.

It’s not clear how the conversation began or how the woman knew the man was a Muslim.

The employee ranted on about how Muslims “tore down my country, and they killed thousands of my people,” as the man tried to explain that he too is an American.

While it’s impossible to know the reason why, the woman was slurring her words and sounded like she may have partaken in some liquid encouragement at some point. All of which was yet another sign that this was neither the time or place to be having such a debate.

The woman told the man she was getting yelled at — by other workers? — and ended the discussion, but she’ll have plenty of time on her hands now to pick it up.

In a second video posted, it appears that the man returned the food after taking offense at what was said — in the second video, the woman is heard saying she is the manager.

A Taco Bell spokesperson told Fox News that the employee was no longer with the franchise.

“We welcome everyone in our restaurants and do not tolerate this type of behavior,” the spokesperson said. “This is a franchise location and the team member involved no longer works for this franchisee. The franchisee has reached out to the customer to apologize.”

The worst part about the incident is that hard-left progressives will use it to smear all white people in America for being Islamophobic, despite the reality that the woman’s bigoted views are but a small fraction of the overall population.

The incident prompted some interesting comments online, here’s a sampling of the responses on Twitter:

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