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Ben Shapiro wallops Piers Morgan on American justice as libs rage that ‘abortion is a woman’s right’

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Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro locked horns with British journalist Piers Morgan amid the controversial debate over a woman’s “constitutional right” to have an abortion.

The radio host and editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire fired back at comments on Twitter debating abortion in light of recent tough abortion laws passed in several states, and eventually leveled Morgan’s argument referencing the death penalty in America.

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“Life is a right,” Shapiro tweeted Thursday, “unlike abortion.”

His comment came a day after Sen. Bernie Sanders explosive tweet declaring “Abortion is a constitutional right,” which has been retweeted nearly 54,000 times.

The Democratic presidential candidate was apparently reacting to the near-total ban on abortions that was just approved in Alabama. Sanders’ simple tweet sparked major debate and rebukes on Twitter, including from the anti-abortion group, March for Life.

Former Vice President Joe Biden referenced “unconstitutional” bills being introduced in other states as the outrage poured in.

But the constitutional argument was slammed on Twitter.

Shapiro decimated the argument in a tweet Thursday, noting that life “remains the most fundamental right of all.”

His tweet prompted Morgan to ask, “So why do 30 American states still have the death penalty?”

“Because you can forfeit the right to life if you take another life, just as you can forfeit your right to liberty (this is called prison) by infringing on the liberty of another,” Shapiro explained.

Morgan quickly countered the argument.

“So, you support the right for Americans to legally abort human life via capital punishment, legally abort life in home defence & legally abort life in wars – but not legally abort life in pregnancy?” he asked. “That ‘most fundamental right of all’ doesn’t seem very fundamental..”

Shapiro offered yet another lesson to the “Good Morning Britain” host.

Twitter users cheered on Shapiro’s “life lesson” to Morgan.

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