2020 field could get even more crowded as Stacey Abrams comments on possible run

The field of Democrats trying to face off against President Donald Trump in 2020 is already fairly crowded, but it appears another familiar face could still be joining in on the fun.

Stacey Abrams, who unsuccessfully ran for the position of governor of Georgia in 2018, told MSNBC in a Thursday interview that she is open to the possibility of running for president.

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“I’m going to keep watching and decide if I need to jump in,” Abrams told Hallie Jackson on “MSNBC Live.” Abrams said she believes that she can join the race as late as the fall.

The comments came after Jackson asked Abrams if she was ready to “shut the door” on the possibility of running for president.

“As I’ve said before I’m watching to see what happens,” Abrams replied.

If Abrams did wait until the fall to run, then she would miss some of the initial debates. She would also be behind the other candidates in campaigning and earning endorsements.

Asked by Jackson about the late entry affecting her potential campaign negatively, Abrams shrugged the concerns away.

“I think the debates are an important part of this process, but the debates are new,” Abrams said. “I believe I can enter the conversation as late as the fall and still win.”

She later said, “If I decide to join the fray, I look forward to being a robust competitor. If I’m not that person for one reason or another, I’m open to the conversation.”

Abrams also revealed that she is open to being a running mate to another Democrat, but no one has asked her to be on a ticket yet.

“No one has reached out to me,” she said.

Jackson also asked Abrams why she chose not to run against Sen. George Perdue for a Senate seat in 2020. Abrams said she is not interested in the title and she believes any Democrat can defeat Perdue.

“I do not believe you run for office simply because the office is there,” she said. “I believe a Democrat can win [in Georgia] whether their name is Stacey Abrams or not.”

Abrams talks about running for various political offices with a confidence that feels seriously unearned. This person who shrugs off a Senate run, but says she can win the Democrat Party presidential nomination entering the race months later than everyone else is the same person who failed to become the governor of Georgia last year.

Not only did she lose, but she lost despite an endorsement from a former president (Barack Obama) and an expensive campaign. Obama even flew out to Georgia to campaign for Abrams. She also had celebrities like Will Ferrell knocking door to door for her.

With a campaign like that unable to find victory, Abrams is better off staying out of an already crowded Democrat field.

Others Democrats running for president include Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bill De Blasio, Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg … the list just goes on and on and on.

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