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NBC’s ‘Law & Order’ episode appears to smear ‘Covington teens’ in TV confrontation with ‘Ilhan Omar’ character

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NBC continued its proxy war against Jews and Christians by promoting pro-Muslim propaganda on its popular police drama “Law & Order: SVU.”

One week after being slapped with a $275 million defamation lawsuit for smearing Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, “Law & Order: SVU” re-enacted the drama in an episode that showed a Sandmann-like character in a red cap bullying an Ilhan Omar-esque character.

law and order ilhan omar
NBC, which is being sued for $275 million for defaming Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, used their hit TV show “Law and Order: SVU” to continue its proxy war on Israel using an Ilhan Omar-esque Muslim character.

Typical leftist playbook: ‘Ilhan Omar’ character plays a victim

In the clash, the Sandmann character is a Jewish teen who confronts a Muslim Councilwoman (a veiled reference to anti-American Somalian refugee Ilhan Omar).

To make the Muslim character as sympathetic as possible, she’s a rape victim. The TV show’s story line follows the typical leftist playbook of casting the minority as a victim of some kind.

The Jewish teen is apparently upset because a synagogue had just been vandalized. So the Jewish “Nick Sandmann” confronts “Ilhan Omar” in public and aggressively points a finger at her.

During this tense confrontation, the teen’s finger accidentally grazes the Muslim’s hijab.

She over-reacts by screaming at the top of her lungs: “This boy grabbed my hijab and spat in my face! These people are Islamophobes! It’s in their [Jews’] blood! One of these boys must have raped me!”

To demonize the Jewish boys as much as possible, the story line late reveals that they were the perpetrators of the synagogue vandalism.

P.S. – If you want to talk about rape, Google Rotherdam child-rape scandal. The British media covered it up for fear that the truth about a child-rape grooming gang (that preyed on white girls from 1997-2013) would “offend” Muslims.

As a result, 1,400 young girls were brutally raped and sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.

Rotherham child rape grooming muslim

In real life, Nick Sandmann never moved or said a word

Naturally, the inflammatory storyline differs sharply from what happened with the real Nick Sandmann, who never said a word or moved during his silent standoff with left-wing Native American activist Nathan Phillips.

As BizPac Review reported, the media immediately ran with the false narrative that Sandmann ― a junior at Covington Catholic High School ―had bullied and made racist slurs at Phillips. The false narrative was rabidly promoted using doctored, edited video tape with the audio silenced.

As a result, Sandmann and his family received countless death threats, and Covington Catholic High School was the target of bomb threats.

Nick’s lawyer: NBC has no shame

In response to “Law and Order’s” flagrant race-baiting, Todd McMurtry — one of Nick Sandmann’s attorneys — tweeted: “NBC has no shame–or smarts for that matter.”


White Christian: I’m at the bottom of media’s Grievance Hierarchy

McMurtry also pointed out that NBC promoted the established leftist Grievance Hierarchy, which places Muslims ahead of Jews and Christians.

He noted that as a white, male, Catholic, he’s at the very bottom.

McMurtry tweeted: “I love the comment about the the MSM going for whatever is the ‘highest [in the] intersectional hierarchy.’ Here Muslims are higher than Jews. Glad to be at the absolute bottom as a white, male and Catholic.” #ReformOurMedia


For the record, the Leftist Grievance Hierarchy looks something like this:

  1. Muslims.
  2. Illegal aliens.
  3. Transgender.
  4. Blacks.
  5. Latinos.
  6. Gays.
  7. Jews.
  8. Asians.
  9. Christians.
  10. Whites.

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib play Race Card again in response to rumors of new travel ban

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