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New parody account pops up to replace suspended Ocasio-Cortez account – and it’s even funnier

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It wasn’t long after Twitter suspended an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez parody account when another one caught attention on the social media platform.

The @AOCoffice account touts itself as a “Parody for Da Boss of NY-14 (Bronx + Queens),” taking on the real New York Democratic socialist in posts that mock her remarks, policy ideas and views.

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Following the suspension of the popular parody account which had more than 85,000 followers, the “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Office” account tweeted appreciation to Twitter co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey.

President Donald Trump’s son called out Twitter for suspending the account.

The @AOCoffice account has a companion website which is also a parody account, featuring mock articles and information about the freshman congresswoman.

The Twitter account addressed those calling it out as a parody and mocked several of Ocasio-Cortez’s recent tweets.

The account made fun of the New York congresswoman for her recent discovery of a garbage disposal.

On Instagram earlier this week, Ocasio-Cortez had declared there was a “monster” living in her sink, explaining that she had no idea what a garbage disposal is.

Last week, the lawmaker opined the loss of a tomato in her community garden but was “shook” over the growth of the rest of the plants.

The AOC parody account chimed in on the gardening adventure.

The parody also tweeted a quote from Ocasio-Cortez on abortions as well as a reference to Rep. Rashida Tlaib and her map showing a sticky note with “Palestine.”

While Twitter has not yet banned the @AOCoffice account, which has about 29,000 followers, many of the images were marked as “sensitive material.”

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