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Bernie gets burned for suggesting Disney be ‘heroic’ and share ‘Avengers’ profits: What about your book, Bernie?

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On Monday, socialist millionaire Bernie Sanders criticized Disney CEO Bob Iger’s earnings and suggested the company should give all its employees big raises due to the huge profits being raked in by the new movie “Avengers: Endgame.”

On Sunday, Disney announced that in just five days, the movie has pulverized box-office records, taking in at that point in excess of $1.2 billion.

Of course, it’s always an easy call for politicians to point fingers and demand that others do “the right thing.”

Surely, it’s easy for politicians to do if greedy capitalism isn’t their bag. You would have to expect exemplary, compassionate, charitable behaviors from a lifelong socialist politician, right? …

Spread the wealth, lift up the downtrodden, etc.

Oh, but wait … this month, Bernie and his wife released their tax returns which showed he gave a mere 3 percent of their surprisingly large income to charity in 2017. Just as weird, the most famous American Marxist recently talked about his success as a best-selling author and the fact that he is a millionaire … and in doing so, he actually endorsed the decidedly un-Marxist, pro-capitalist concept of coming up with a product idea, selling it to a lot of willing buyers, and getting rich … and apparently NOT sharing the wealth with others.

Drat … still looking for a leftist politician who practices what he preaches.

Here’s an interesting point that reflects one of the major flaws in the socialist “tax the hell out of the top 1 percent” movement …


Victor Rantala


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