Netflix opens floodgates by lecturing customers on retiring the term ‘chick flicks.’ Wrong on so many levels!

In gender-fluid post-Obama America, traditional terms like “chick flicks” and “men working” are being thrown on the chopping block by the language police on the left.

And with Netflix increasingly exposing its liberal flair, reaching a level of financial security that emboldens them to risk offending a whole block of viewers, the world’s leading internet entertainment source is doing its part to regulate acceptable speech.

Beginning with the phrase “chick flick,” when denotes a movie, generally romantic in nature, that draws on the viewers emotions — the misnomer here is that plenty of men enjoy these type of movies as well, even if they don’t admit it.

But suggesting that women are the weaker sex won’t do in an age where Hollywood portrays women more and more as the heroes who come to the rescue, and men as slow-footed bumbling idiots.

On it’s Twitter account, Netflix launched a series of tweets characterized as a public service announcement that called for retiring the term.

“Quick PSA: Can we stop calling films ‘chick flicks’ unless the films are literally about small baby chickens? Here’s why this phrase should absolutely be retired (thread),” the initial tweet read.

With Netflix having secured a lucrative deal with former President Barack Obama and wife, Michelle Obama, to produce series and movies, one can only wonder if this alliance is paying dividends of a progressive nature.

Or is it a reflection of former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice joining the board of the video streaming service last year?

Regardless, the company proceeded to lay out its case for why “chick flicks” is of no use, making a comparison to genres for men.

And to be clear, someone put a lot of thought into this — if only the service could put the same effort into offering a steady supply of quality movies — saying the term not only “cheapens the work that goes into making these type of film,” but “drives home that there’s something trivial about watching them.”


In conclusion, Netflix solidified the sexist nature of its appeal to reclassify “light-hearted” films “with a strong female lead.”

The reaction online was summed up best with a single tweet: “No, let’s retire ‘control-freak’ Orwellian language police.”

Here’s a sampling of other responses

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Tom Tillison


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