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‘When did memory of 9/11 become sacred?’ NYU journalism instructor goes trolling again

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She’s back, and in full form … asking:

When did the memory of 9/11 become ‘sacred’? in what way? and to whom? 


Context is important here. Talia Lavin’s only claim to fame is her uniquely vacuous tie to being offensively ignorant. At the risk of being redundant … she’s a leftist without a clue.

Lavin was fired last year from her job as a FACT-checker for the New Yorker when she ignorantly accused a seriously wounded Marine of having a Nazi Iron Cross tattoo, while rallying a leftist mob against him and his employer–the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE)–claiming that he was a white supremacist.

The tattoo in question was his Marine unit’s symbol from when he fought in Afghanistan. It’s worth pointing out that the man lost both legs and suffered other permanent damage from an IED in his third combat deployment there.

Boom … ‘fact’-checker … you’re fired. Find a new line of work.

Fast forward a few months… oops … it turns out she actually has burrowed deeper into the liberal matrix getting work as a journalism instructor at NYU and as a hired hand at Media Matters, both gigs reportedly based on her white nationalism “expertise.” 

We need to go no further than this to confirm the theorem that leftists place extreme value on ignorance, to the point that they pay such experts in the field to teach and influence others. Sad but true.

Here’s a worthwhile tidbit … none other CNN, where the high priests of misdirection and charlatanism reside and draw some of the largest paychecks issued to the genetically bewildered, has labeled Lavin this way:

“If there is a trolling hall of fame, Talia Lavin deserves to be inducted.” At least that’s what her Twitter profile claims.

In Lavin’s most recent feat of dumbassery, she tweets …

People like this apparently find purpose in mining for untapped sources of obtusium.

This tweet in response is pretty straightforward …

The Daily Wire provided a few more details, writing: The answer to her question is, of course, that 9/11 became sacred on September 11, 2001, when terrorists flew two planes into the Twin Towers in New York City, one into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and one into a field in Pennsylvania. The attacks, of course, killed thousands of Americans — the most killed in an attack on American soil since December 7, 1941, when the United States was attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.

Optimistically hoping to resuscitate the brain-dead patient, others tweeted their mostly tolerant responses …

Victor Rantala


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