Defiant Omar takes shots at Trump and her critics: No one can threaten ‘my unwavering love for America’

screengrab of Rep. Omar

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota expressed her thanks for a surprising number of supporters who have come to her defense. She also attempted to energize those misguided Demwits into action against the Trump administration.

Omar once again came under attack in the past week for what most view as extremely offensive comments about 9/11 she delivered in a speech to CAIR. She dismissively referenced the attacks against America as “Some people did something.” Note that she has never condemned the attacks, while continuing to support terror-related groups.

President Trump posted a “We Will Never Forget” tweet in response that has apparently driven the looniest of lefties out there to side with Omar.

On Saturday the Muslim congresswoman attempted to cloak her comments in a bit of patriotic rhetoric, but the blazing hate still was apparent.

The 9/11 comments by Omar in a speech she made to CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) have actually drawn encouragement and support from thousands on Twitter who are using the hashtag #IStandWithIlhanOmar. The hashtag was generated by CAIR and has become an ongoing Twitter trend.

Omar somehow manages to become more and more divisive and the chasm between parties is wider than ever. Many of the more radical politicians in her party are now standing in her corner, apparently embracing another illogical opportunity to bash America and its President.

Dem presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and most of the rest of the clown-car full of candidates fell all over each other in the last two days trying to put out the most militant statements of support for Rep. Omar.

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Victor Rantala


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