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CNN’s Don Lemon foolishly questions Ivanka Trump’s ‘relevance’: ‘I don’t know what she’s actually accomplished …’

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Mr. Significant himself, Don Lemon of CNN, actually wondered on the air Friday evening if Ivanka Trump, a key adviser within the President’s inner circle, is relevant.

“I don’t know if Ivanka Trump has any relevance now,” he groused during a panel discussion focusing on a newly published profile of the White House icon. “And I don’t know what she’s actually accomplished,” he added.

On Friday, The Atlantic put out an extensive profile of the First Daughter entitled “Inside Ivanka’s Dreamworld.” Apparently, the left gets cranky and snooty about any attention given the popular daughter of the President.

No doubt there is some deep-seated fear that her father may have been right when he said, “If she ever wanted to run for president … I think she’d be very, very hard to beat.”

Certainly, President Trump has a great deal of respect for Ivanka’s capabilities. He told The Atlantic that she was recently in the running to head the World Bank. He also commented that she could handle his job also.

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The 37-year-old Ivanka has doubtless taken advantage of the opportunities available to her as the daughter of Donald Trump, but what she has done with the opportunities is all about her. She’s an accomplished American businesswoman, fashion designer, model, author, reality television personality, and politician.

For a time, she was executive vice president of the family-owned Trump Organization. Following her father’s election, she left the Trump Organization and became adviser to the President, along with her husband Jared Kushner.

“She’s got a great calmness,” the President said. I’ve seen her under tremendous stress and pressure. She reacts very well … that’s usually a genetic thing, but it’s one of those things, nevertheless.

She’s got a tremendous presence when she walks into the room,” he added.

Ivanka and her husband have been seen by some as moderating forces on President Trump. Examples given include their opposition to pulling out of the Paris climate change accord and lobbying for an increase in the child tax credit.

Media reports have long documented Ms. Trump as a critical member of the President’s inner circle. Before departing, former White House Chief of Staff Steve Bannon became infuriated with the interventions of Ivanka and Kushner.

Kushner also spoke to The Atlantic for the profile. The author reportedly spent three months working on the article. He pointed out there are several common traits between father and daughter.

“She’s like her dad in that she’s very good at managing details. Her father is meticulous with details and has a great memory,” he said. “He really knows how to drive people, and I think she’s the same way–results-oriented and also an excellent communicator.”

As for Lemon’s tasteless whining about Ivanka, plenty of viewer expressed their disgust with him on social media. For instance …

Also, within the last two days, there have been kudos coming Ms. Trump’s way for her achievements in helping to drive the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (WGDP) initiative …


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