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Mexican woman accosted by ‘psycho’ leftist in post office comes forward: ‘I will NEVER back down!’

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The Mexican woman who was accosted by a “psycho” Trump-hating liberal bully for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat has come forward and she’s every bit the supporter of President Trump that she said she was.

The woman retweeted a video of the incident that took place at what appeared to be a post office to say it was her — the Twitter account reads: “Paloma For Trump.”

Another social media user had responded to the video to say that it was “my friend Paloma for Trump.”

Paloma said in another tweet the incident was just another day in the life of a Trump supporter in America.

And, just as was seen in the video she’s not about to back down.

She tweeted: “Yes! MANY times I have been attacked, but I will NEVER stop fighting for what I BELIEVE IN!!!! ❤️ I will NEVER back down! Attacked for wearing this beautiful hat today, just another day in the life of #PalomaForTrump.”

Paloma showed exactly how a person should react when confronted by a “psycho” liberal.

She pulled out her phone and began recording the over-sized bully who she insisted was harassing her for wearing a MAGA hat. In effect, she gave the lady pure hell for what proved to be a really bad decision.

“Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me!” Paloma demanded as the lady physically accosted her. “I have a right not to be harassed. You have no reason to harass me because of my hat!”

“You have no reason to harass me, just because I’m wearing a Trump hat!” she added. “What is wrong with you?”

The bully tells her that “the president is a racist,” before calling Paloma a racist.

“Yeah, I’m a Mexican racist against a white like you,” she replied, mocking the lady. “Yeah, I’m so racist.”

She would go on to tell the bully if she didn’t like America move somewhere else — like Mexico! Paloma also proudly declared her support for President Trump when the lady started recording her back.

And make no mistake, she backs Donald Trump.

In responding to one social media user about the incident, Paloma tweeted: “Being a Trump/America supporter is not easy, but we have think of the positive message we have to send.”

One thing is certain, Paloma gained a legion of fans overnight… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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