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Old clip of Trump calling MS-13 animals gets edited and recirculated as new, and look who fell for it …

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The masterful media manipulation of the day on Friday occurred when a clip of President Trump from almost a year ago surfaced.

In it he talked about the MS-13 animals who the government struggles to keep out of the country. Of course, the MS-13 reference was excluded from the clip, making it to appear he was calling all illegal aliens animals.


Leading the leftist lemmings over the cliff is easy if you talk their language. Don’t use big words … short, basic sentence structure is best. Details and context are ill-advised since they are quickly distracted.

This tweet has garnered the intended reaction on social media. Those who have retweeted it are happy to do their part to save humanity. Now let’s see … where did that latte go?

Chrissy Tiegen, Rosanna Arquette, Ana Navarro, and Dem Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg are among those spreading the hoax to their followers.

Cable news reportedly is talking about this in spite of the fact that the video is from May 2018. At the time, even the leftist “fact-checker” Snopes revealed the lie for what it was.


Clearly, there are those in power among Democrats who are using MS-13 for their own political advantage and when they are called out on it, they try like the dickens to defend MS-13 murderers as people too. But since selling MS-13 to anyone who knows anything about the terrifying gang is a no-go, the preferred approach is to conceal facts and misdirect the lemmings.

Most of all clearly recall this hoax from last year. We also clearly remember Nancy Pelosi responding to MS-13 being targeted by the government, saying that every human being has a spark of divinity.

Yikes. That’s it … time to go throw up.

Victor Rantala


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