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Harry Reid haunts Dems when Mitch McConnell goes nuclear to fast-track conservative judges

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell triggered the left as he led Republicans to use the “nuclear option” to change Senate rules affecting debate time.

The 51-48 vote left Democrats reeling, and reminded of former Sen. Harry Reid, as the new rules drastically cut debate time, allowing President Trump’s nominees to be confirmed at a much faster pace.

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The so-called nuclear option allows the GOP – or either party that is in the majority – to make changes without the two-thirds vote typically required, using a simple majority vote instead.

The new rules cut debate time to two hours, a significant decrease from the current 30 hours allowed now which Republicans claim Democrats were using as a stall tactic to oppose the president, according to CNN.

Bloomberg political reporter Sahil Kapur noted that McConnell’s move allows Trump’s district court judge nominees to be confirmed 15 times faster than they are now.

Former Hillary Clinton aide Brian Fallon declared that the change “should scare every progressive.”

Apparently, the younger generation needs a history lesson.

As Democrats had a meltdown over what they saw as a “power grab” by the GOP, they seemed to have forgotten that it was one of their own who started it all.

CNN reported:

Democrats called it a power grab but, in the end, could complain only so much, as they first used the controversial tactic in 2013 to make it dramatically easier to break filibusters of almost all President Barack Obama’s nominees — except those to the Supreme Court — a much more substantial curtailing of minority rights than the changes forced through by Republicans Wednesday.


Reid’s name reverberated on Twitter Wednesday.

Sen. Chuck Schumer slammed McConnell and the “terribly destructive nuclear option” as well, also without giving credit where it was due.

The New York Democrat got no sympathy for his “sad day” comments.

No matter the drama Democrats launch in reaction to Wednesday’s vote, many agreed that they set up the game themselves and, in the end, have no one but themselves to blame.

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