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Sekulow flat-out schools Cuomo on why he won’t ever get to read Trump’s written FBI answers

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Jay Sekulow, a member of President Trump’s legal team, schooled CNN host Chris Cuomo on why the president’s answers to special counsel Robert Mueller’s questions are not for public consumption.

In a discussion Monday night about Mueller’s final report, Cuomo asked, “Why shouldn’t we get to see the president’s answers?”

After explaining to the CNN anchor that he doesn’t have a right to see the answers, Sekulow explained why that is.

“Because if I was representing you and worked out an arrangement with the special counsel or U.S. Attorney and this was going to be done in a particular way, would you be comfortable with me releasing your records,” the attorney asked.


“If I were president of the United States and it was a matter of critical importance and confidence to the American people, yes I would,” a self-righteous Cuomo fired back, as hypocritical at it was.

Sekulow reminded Cuomo from a legal standpoint, it doesn’t matter that Trump is the president of the United States.

“I don’t think it’s a legal argument,” Cuomo responded. “I think it’s a political duty as the highest elected office of the land.”

All but clamoring for Trump’s responses, Cuomo again asked why they can’t be seen.

Doing his job at the president’s legal counsel, Sekulow said he’ll not be waiving their legal rights absent a court order, which he insisted was not coming.

Pressing, Cuomo appealed to the idea that the president wants closure, adding that Trump should not have used the word “exonerated” in his response.


This being a reference to Muller saying his investigation “does not exonerate” Trump on the possibility of obstruction of justice — in a separate appearance, Rudy Giuliani, another member of the president’s legal team, told Cuomo the line was “a cheap shot,” going so far as to call it ” unprofessional.”

Sekulow responded to point out that it’s not a prosecutor’s job to exonerate, which prompted Cuomo to ask why Mueller didn’t make the call.

“I’ll tell you why,” Trump’s attorney jumped in. Reading from his notes, he added: “He said it raised ‘difficult questions of law and fact.’ You were an attorney. When you have difficult questions of law and difficult facts, guess what you don’t do?”

“Prosecute,” Cuomo chimed in, answering his question.

After differentiating between an independent counsel and a special counsel, Cuomo said in light of Mueller not deciding to prosecute, he didn’t see why Attorney General Willian Barr “gets to make the call for him.”

“Well, of course he does because who is the chief law enforcement agency head of a department? The attorney general,” Sekulow explained.

After saying the process is somewhat “tainted” because President Trump exercised his legal rights, Cuomo ignored the notion of self-incrimination to ask Sekulow why didn’t he put Trump under oath?

“Because I have been practicing law for 40 years,” the attorney shot back with a bit of a smile, perhaps amused at such a dumb question.

After Cuomo pointed out that “[Bill] Clinton did it,” Sekulow stressed that the former president was before a grand jury and that, eventually, there was a subpoena issued.

And at that point, school was out.

Tom Tillison


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